[Oi!] What's in a name?


why would i waste my O attacking when i can retake when (if?) THE attack me...with a smaller account which is easier to handle i can probs last longer than 3months =)

taking into account some people can't send sub second trains that makes it MUCH longer and easier to defend
If we do try and noble you out, I don't think we'll have a problem.

The Rim is Mine on 04.06. at 20:16 Quote Edit Delete
sir danc keeps renobling my targs because i cba to time support lol...


yes, i can't be asked...if i can be asked i can get in in the same sec but i can't be asked......

now i think that THE will have tons of time between support because they never plan it but you will be telling them to send some :)

spleen mage

why would i waste my O attacking when i can retake when (if?) THE attack me...with a smaller account which is easier to handle i can probs last longer than 3months =)

taking into account some people can't send sub second trains that makes it MUCH longer and easier to defend
Hang on....didn't you get handed a top 10 account, which you then let drop about 400 ranks or so?

I have every confidence in your abilities....


Ladies and gentlemen, I feel a disgruntled former member of THE has soiled this wondeful post, so I will address it briefly.
there was no vote made and i tried to argue against it but guess what? i was shut down there and then.

So AK you are saying recruiting decent members is OK? what if Smile recruited me now (obv i'm neutral atm but yea) i'm decent so you would find it OK?
Firstly. There was a vote. It was in our General section where opinions were asked of the two, and the consensus SEEMED TO BE that people respected them as players and would rather have them than have to fight against them.

Secondly. Any tribe can recruit anyone it wants. All of us have no problem seeing you gone: there were some good times, but you're gone now, and you've failed (thus far) to take any of us with you, so please stop bothering us.

try 1000 ranks
Ouch...that's MEAN...SOME people get alot of attacks when they're on the frontline...and they lose some villages...meanie...so stop making fun of me :p

It's always good to see that the enemy realizes they're on their last stand :)
I hope maybe we'll start to see some more villages head my way now kekeke

GL to ya cat...I think it's time to reminisce about all the wonderful lessons you've given over the last few weeks:

to bad your not close to this so call great win for you guys. But i dont feel i will be easy to take. but i will take honor in loseing my vills to your tribe.
blast, I guess it's still too close to call

...We like enemies that stay with their tribe, as it means we get credit for all their vills on the war stats when we rim them.

So thanks, I look forward to adding your vills to our long list of captures. :)
Well...so much for that, right AK? :p

(STATS to come...unless someone else wants to do that... :p)


Unless of course they realise you can do that and send Nukes and nobles after a few sets of nukes. Really ez to do when you have 100+ vills.

Major Chip Hazard

I used to be in Palys. They were the best times. Then came along Kraken and finally Smile. These two changes ruined the tribe. Now the majority of my friends have gone, and cat and his bunch have kicked me and my remaining friends from the tribe, and so I founded a new tribe which has been under constant attack from one tribe or another being where we are, its normal.

But cat, and his bunch, I never truely liked. Him and his friends have ruined the place since its first began and i'm kinda glad I wasn't accepted into their elite.

MCh out.



My tribe is one of the ones attacking his tribe :icon_twisted:

Major Chip Hazard

Yep. Now would I be right in saying you are going to take out our whole tribe? OR just a few of us?

Major Chip Hazard

That would be my fault. Sorry about that. I was just putting in my point.


Gooooood evenin', ladies and gents of W30! Its me, your resident nuisance - back again for another round of everyone's favorite new forum game: "What's in a name!"

Riddle me this, riddle me that, riddle me a cat in a hat: What happens when you invite members from one side of a war to join your tribe? When you ask players in the losing side of a two-sided conflict to join your tribe? Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages! This, my friends, is the sixty four million gold coin question! Now make sure to ring in before the buzzer!

Yes! *DingDingDing!* Wheeeennnn you invite the enemy of a tribe, you become that tribe's enemy!

Now, then, as most of you can make out through my allergy-medication-inspired writing, this - as they say in the mathematics business - is a given. Any time your tribe decides to invite players that another person's tribe is at war with, you are inheriting the sins of the predecessor. However, there is more to this picture than the obvious, and thank god - it'd be boring if I just shut up now, right? I mean, right?

Our friend Catanthehat. You know him. We all do. We don't get a choice! Anyway, so, he was part of a tribe that was one called P-Squiggle by THE players. The Plays family, if I'm right. Anywho, these P-Squiggles renamed themselves Kraken and declared war on CBTF about six hours before THE was scheduled to declare war on them. After a serious beating from both sides of the fence, Kraken renamed itself "smile."

As you've noticed, this hasn't exactly stopped either party from beating the daylights out of it.

Well, in an extreme example of not understanding the political consequences of one's actions, Catanthehat has trumped idiots' best attempts and has left his home tribe. Calling his group "The Last Stand," or "!TL$!" if you enjoy terrible acronyms, he's seeming to think it will change things. In return, I have a small bit of advice:

Changing a name does not change your players, your past actions, or your fate.

THE will keep attacking you for what you've done, and that's all there is to it. You might as well call yourselves Kraken Junior. Or maybe Calamari. In fact, I know a guy...Well, a squid-type guy, actually, but you could still put him to some use...

lol, well didnt know i was so famous :). i love your little riddles and stories you tell john but dang you must have alot of time on your hands, you should prolly put that time to better use.
maybe like organizeing an attack on me and doing some damage. because i dont think you have noticed my friend but you guys havent took a single village from me that i havn't took back. all i see is my oda, odd riseing.

the pink panther

Seems like your tribe is now getting merged into CBTF, hmmmmmmm... can't say that bodes well


This will definitely not be a merge. We've recruited the top two or three members out of 18 in !TL$!. We've always taken the best players from our enemies, but have no intention of taking them all - except village by village of course.