[Oi!] What's in a name?

Discussion in 'World 30' started by JPohlman, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. JPohlman

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    May 24, 2006
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    So our other wars, even against your allies, don't matter at all? That's pretty selfish. For that matter, the only wars I need to care about are the ones I choose to! And there's your first problem; you think you get to set the terms of THE's tactical priorities. In fact, you're even trying to get bait us into hitting you right now - you're crying, "Its CBTF vs THE that matters!" as though we're going to drop everything and attack you.

    Sorry, but we learned a long, long time ago (and in a world far, far away) that you can afford to lose a village or two on one front as long as you're nobling dozens on another.

    What was it I said at the start of this fiasco? CBTF's actions will not change, in any way, THE's logistical plans for some time. We still plan to take over K23 first - no change. We still plan to kick EreVos and GBD in the rear - no change.

    Actually, in fact, I've heard the "I've seen and fought better" line before. GauMeGauMe said that a lot, too. He lasted pretty long against us, as he was such a defensive expert that we couldn't break him, right? Oh, wait...
  2. The only thing that in your words I'm really "crying" about, is that your trying to use other stats to buffer everything for our war berween us two. Yet again you missed that totaly.

    I understand you have other wars going on. The only one thats affiliated with us would be our allies EreVos. Which in reality your eh, how do I say it. Not doing the best against, but those stats lie to right?

    @ I dunno who GauMeGauMe was an if he was just a guy Vs. your whole tribe then yeah I can see how you broke him.

    @ this

    Correct me if I'm wrong jp but your own words betray you. It looks like from what your saying K23 comes first that would be CBTF right?
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  3. Jubal

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    No, K23 was always in our plans as JP said. You went and recruited all them, they are refugees. Maybe they will somehow get really good under your direction though...yeah.

    By the way, Erevos has been supporting SH and GBD for sometime now. So yeah its all one big happy hug fest.
  4. Jubal

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    Add to that, never mind about your tutalage helping. I checked your user file and went through 4 pages of eating your academy for nobles.
    Impressive stuff.

    I;m sure you will have some rationale for that too. Oh yes. Can;t wait.
  5. JPohlman

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    May 24, 2006
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    I'm sorry to have to tell you this, Renegade, but your tribe is not the only one on W30 besides THE. There is no physical way you can tell me that this is a 1v1 war between THE and CBTF. You support other enemies of ours (indirect assistance), your allies are at war with us (Direct assistance and indirect conflict), and you are at war with us (direct conflict). I'm sure its great for your morale to portray the stats as though THE and CBTF are in a vacuum, but the fact is that they aren't.

    I'm sure you will cheer when (if) you guys manage to take Cavalcade out. It'll be a gain for you, no question! But if you take out Cavalcade and we take over 25% of a continent in the same time-span (Not too unrealistic with 480 vils gained in a month), you aren't winning!

    Are you losing? No. Nah. Probably not. If you're up, you're up. But, you're not winning. And there is a difference between fighting to win and fighting not to lose. Celebrating that you're up 5-0 after declaring war on a tribe already at war with your strongest ally and its allies is not fighting to win.

    When we move against you, you'll know it. Until then, pipe down and remember your geography - K23 is the one next to your core continent, K22. You own 46.23%, we own 27.87%. Watch those numbers, then you'll know.
  6. AK_iceman

    AK_iceman Guest

    Renegade, from a CBTF standpoint, all you guys have to look forward to right now are THE. We are your only war. I can see why you want to keep this thread to those stats only. So in light of that, I'll post war stats for THE vs. CBTF/CBTF-D as well as stats including the allies.

    But from a THE standpoint, which you seem content to ignore, you are but one of 6 active enemies right now. We can't spend all our time sending nukes and nobles at you. JP's stats showed that we have a 5:1 ratio of caps in our favor among all our enemies. While you may be ahead with your (2 caps in 48 hours), we've stated that we aren't changing our plans at all because of your declaration. Your tribe, or rather, your refugees will get nobled when we planned to noble them.
  7. Lethal Touch

    Lethal Touch Guest

    Once upon a time, there was a mighty train. He was ruling his territory for decades. Even the mighty sea creature Kraken fell shot by his nukes.

    But alas, he was struck with a well known virus called RL. He was rotting, abandoned and old.


    But now he's back. And he's angry.


    His target is

  8. Jubal

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    lmao Aco, that was priceless :D
  9. spleen mage

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    Feb 10, 2007
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    + 1 xD

    You seem to lack understanding of the most basic of war tactics - you neutralise the biggest threats first. With your meagre few caps (when you declared aswell, showing a severe lack of planning or participation) it's easy to see that your tribe struggles to classify as even a small threat to us. So, why would we care about actively targetting you, when we have much more important matters at hand?

    Having war scores of simply THE vs. CBTF is pointless; seeing as we're fighting multiple wars, it doesn't give nearly a true picture - you only wish to use it to boost the ego of your own tribe, as it gives a false impression of success, though somewhat dented by the lack of caps on your part.

    We'l deal with your tribe when it suits us. Have a nice day :)
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  10. concrete

    concrete Guest

    Look is it your fault, you have to fight 6 tribes?I think it's your own fault ;)

    And tbh you're only fighting 2 top 20tribes.And 1 of those 2tribes is under heavy fire of BD.
    If you can't manage to fight 2 top 20tribes and a few tribes under 5mill
    You just don't deserve the nr 1 spot.

    At some point BD was nobling HAM Draco Erevos ...
    I never heard them crying of tribe huggling, and you also know BD has less diplomacy with other tribes then THE has.

    The same counts for us : we'll deal with your tribe when it suits us: Now;)
    And you shouldn't add us in the stats with SH, GBD, TLS as they are red on our map.
    Yes THE we have less real naps allies then your tribe ;)
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  11. JPohlman

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    May 24, 2006
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    I think there's a difference between "crying" and "debating." If we're crying about being gang-banged (We're not. We like war.), you're surely crying foul that we believe we should be able to evaluate our wars collectively rather than independently.

    In WWII, the United States allowed some losses on the Pacific Front while it fought on the European. Is there reason we shouldn't do the same?
  12. Sorry bud but after Jp's lil post nice try to cover for the words he used already.. He clearly states that CBTF isn't there first priority then he says that K23 is THE's first priority..

    Hmm jp's words

    Then your words... Doesn't look the same to me dude..

    Glad to know you can answer for him tho after he made the error, bravo..
  13. AK_iceman

    AK_iceman Guest

    Haha, I loved concrete's last post so much I have to respond to each point separately. :)

    Yeah, it's our fault. I will accept the consequences of leading an aggressive tribe.

    We're fighting two top 10 tribes (saying top 20 made it sound less impressive, but that was the whole point you were attempting to make) and their academy tribes, and 4 other tribes (plus two more academies). It actually means we're fighting 10 tribes, but we rounded down to 6 as academies generally can't fight worth shit.

    How many tribes is CBTF fighting again? Oh yeah.... I can count them with one finger. :icon_neutral:

    If we had shared a border with HAM!!!, I know a lot of players in my tribe would have been hitting them as well. BD is a very respectable tribe, and even though baddie is a bit of a crybaby I've never heard him say anything about tribe huggling, although it's hard to understand him sometimes through the sniffling.

    Wait... Generally when you declare war on someone, that means you're ready to deal with them. Although after seeing your war stats for the first couple days, maybe you're waiting for something? Sad really, because if you'd waited about a week, JP would have made the declaration on CBTF and it would have been much, much more interesting to read.

    Do you make a habit out of supporting red villages? How about bright red villages? One of our members would like to thank CBTF personally for the support in their village. It's odd though, that the support was sent to the vill and no attacks were sent before or after it. Just support. :icon_neutral:
  14. AK_iceman

    AK_iceman Guest

    CBTF isn't the only tribe in K23. :icon_wink:

    Although if the member limit were any bigger, you'd probably have recruited the rest of it by now. :icon_razz:
  15. Actually we are fighting a few other tribes that are small an not really worth mentioning. However for being the #1 ranked tribe in the world :O z'mog most those tribes have been below the top 20.

    Oh must be sooo hard fighting noob tribes with no leadership.. Kudo's THE you prove to be the best fighting tons of noob tribes.

    So far tho your proving to be no match for tribes that have a solid leadership an aren't below the top 20..
  16. If you wish we can start coming out with our bleeding posts about the lil wars were in besides your own also.. No point in mentioning the nubs tho to buffer our stats to look better..

    An actually considering I've been in the military most my life an have been in an outta real war for the last 8 years I grasp war tatic's very well.
  17. AK_iceman

    AK_iceman Guest

    Yes, well if you'd stop recruiting everything with a pulse in K23, we'd still have some decent enemies there. There is a plus side to this though... You've effectively grouped all those enemy tribes into your family, so it will lead to fewer total enemy tribes once those empty shells disband.

    Yes, INSO had a terrible leadership. So terrible in fact, that they also lead the #1 tribe on W13.
    Kraken also had terrible leadership. All 3 times they changed over, they kept ending up with bad leaders.
    And EreVos I suppose has terrible leadership too...
  18. Sorry still doesn't make up for Jp's post. Considering were your main threat in K23. An the kraken/smile or whoever they call themselves now that was there was like a wapping 5 mil in points to your almost 40.. :lol: An they had no leadership :icon_eek:
  19. I like our allies leadership otherwise we prly wouldn't be allied to them.
  20. Jubal

    Jubal Guest

    Lol, yes, I must say you guys are quite selective in who you recruit and hug.

    I think I saw some flyers posted on trees on the way back from nobling some enemies that read "cok blokkers wanted for l33t tribe in NW"