Old Players, you still play or check forum?


Saw a pop up of this god forsaken game :)

How is everyone, all good i hope, good times and long days!

Hello King! How goes it? - Blissfully free of Tribal wars nowdays (apart from a brief but memorable on w67 .... which I have just realised was 3 years ago - time flies when your not playing tribal wars!)


A quiet evening in watching the news and I suddenly have a burning question for anyone "In the know" .....Was Graylin actually Trump in the real world? :p (Strange how watching something on TV can suddenly make you think of dear old W29!)


wow. it has been a long time. so many memories from W29. for some reason I got the itch to play so I started on W98 just for kicks, and somehow I ended up here reading posts from a bunch of familiar folks I have not thought of in a long time. I hope all of you are well.

I don't think I will keep playing cuz I just don't have the time. but it has been fun to dip my toes in the water.


Just thought I'd stick my head through the door and say Hi. I know I didn't play the world until the end but 29 has been my favorite world .
I too am on 98, not a big fan of this whole farm resources for PP or buying resources with PP. but I guess as players declined they had to
scrape money out of it somewhere.


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See a lot old players here I remember. Been away for a long time but I plan to play world 109 full blast starting in july. Love the game. Not very good at it but love it :)