Oldie Wishes To Return


Hey all,

I'm posting under a different account. However I used to play on world 13 a looooong time ago. I went from recruiter, to diplomat, to baron to duke within the ranks of M-M II. My name back then was Shef231. I moved from MED into M-M II and was one of the main enforcers to deliver the final blow to wipe out MED in a matter of days. I helped by information and co-ordination.

Various players will remember me, such as Cuculcan who I was working with a lot of the time. Tiggeruk20 who has since quit and NWG. I'm sure there are various others as well.

When the world was around then, my account was half decent, in these old days it isn't. However I also play world 14 and I am in *ZhG* which is one of the five only main tribes remaining (including families). Here's my profile for that account:


If anyone has an account, PM me the details and hopefully I can come back to this exciting world ;).