Once upon the time there was GBEARS...

Discussion in 'World 58' started by templar69, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    iam sorry if i have to include you on this situation and as i said i have accuse you , because when that acc said his brother can co me he also asked me to delete the mail as he/she also delete the mail .. well what done is done all i want to know who was sit you and responsible for that action ... and i dont want they proud doing dirty tricks .. ur acc also being used to provoke Joint venture , yes your acc name being destruct by irresponsible person and COWARD .. if one of manic brave show ur self here as a man or woman ....
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  2. templar69

    templar69 Guest

    I gave a sitting to Deb123 and when I was ending it - Klaus Heissler was a sitter. So it answer your question and confirm what Deb123 wrote before.

    The account is set to be deleted and I'm not going to provide any investigation. All I want is to announce and prove that me and Correct weren't playing LOTN account from 16th of December until today.
    So please exclude my name and Correct name from all things that happen during this period.

    Thank you and see you on other worlds...
  3. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    Oke Thanks Fair enough

    and also to MANIC stop mentioning my name .. you not win battle on me with honour .. the end
  4. Deb123

    Deb123 Guest

    The support was sent by manics while sitting the LotN account.. the fact that we then pulled it.. again is not illegal.. And i had permission stated above..

    And COULD also have attacked you with the lotN account.. we dident. your mailing to the account was far to useful for that. After all who turns down the mailing of a complete list of church villas.. :S giggle. Point is We could have used the LotN account to hurt you more than the pulling of support.. I choose that we did not do that.. figured it wasent sporting to launch and entire accounts worth of nukes at you AND pull all your support. :S I/we gave you a sporting chance.

    I think youll find that it was your own giving away of the account that did not help you. and that my friend is down to noone but yourself.
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  5. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    wel the one i give a list not a church village i manage to found for almost 6000 incoming total only 10 that have noble run , and i did can snipe your 30 second train gap .. while others landed at the end attacks break .. so why i should send troops away and send to K 66 if i can defend against you .. just please stop lie and lie ... you have no Ability to play TW knowledge so u use dirty tricks ... i also dont hink u can tag incoming 300 attack in 3 minutes i admitted Three Wisemen have tought me and i learned fast also train with 20 seconds gaps is a jokes .. why i send my troops away if i can use to defend ....

    you disguisting
  6. This is being locked. I've tolerated this crap for far too long, in the desperate hope that even if you all broke the rules about discussing cheating, it would be done civilly. Seeing as that is obviously not the case, any posts that mention any "hacking" or really even discuss the situation of what happened to the NoF account will be infracted. If you all want to complain about cheating, go do it on Skype. I've tolerated this for more than two weeks. No more.

    If you have any questions, then feel free to PM me.
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