One in a Million

Chaos Emperor

Are you looking for that 1 in a million Co-player? Or that 1 in a million player to take over your account?

If you are, then you are in the wrong place.

Although I am not like anyone you may have seen on this game, but I am Unique in my own way.
I have my Own style, I dont follow anyones guides on here, And most of all, I Play for myself. No1 else.

What I can Offer you - [spoil]150ms Trains, 150ms Sniping, Knowledge of Scripts, Super Activity, and some advanced knowledge of the game.[/spoil]

Online times - [spoil]14:00ST-04:00ST
But theres some days i have things on and cant get on but im mostly able to play from 20:00ST-04:00ST anyways.[/spoil]

Account Preferences [spoil]- W40-50 - Top 25
- W50-W54 - Top 50
- W55-W56 - Top 75[/spoil]

Past Experience - [spoil]I 1st started playing tribalwars about 5/6 years ago. I started out playing when W3 opened. Joined all worlds. I Joined a tribe Called Terra in W1. Who helped me understand the game. I quit all worlds and joined W4 with the W1 tribe. I joined as Beddoe007. I had reached 5mil before having to Quit due to RL problems. I then Joined and W19 had been announced. I had prepared for it such as trying different start ups on older worlds. I Joined W19 as Rumsfeld. Didnt know any1 on the world so I joined a random tribe. I then left in search for a decent tribe since leadership was retarded. ha. I then found myself in ASYLUM when i reached approx 500K points. I had reached around 10 mil points and rank 1st. I had also joined W21 under an Alias of Kethrin. I 1st joined a tribe called SOAP and later moved onto PnP(Puffin). I reached Rank 1 also here and only reached 7 mil before having to quit both worlds due to RL issues. I then rejoined in W24 and W28 as Lordkainchaos. I had reached a miserable 2 mil points in both worlds as i had no growing space since tribe merged and i got Surrounded by blues. I quit both world. I then joined W47 after along break as Lcaos. Still a miserable point as i only reached 500K on the rim sicne 2 of the top 5 tribes surrounded me. I then quit and done start ups on W52 and W57. W52 as Just a dream and W56 as Chaos Emperor. Didnt get too far as it was getting boring.[/spoil]

PM me here for Skype

Chaos Emperor

Im looking to Co-play or Take over an account. Not a Co-player in this post.

Still looking.


chaos you still alive?? Get on skype please or pm me , without you i can't live :p

Undead Kurt Cobain

Edit: Scratch that. Nvm.
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