One "UHA" for Miss Ivy.......

Discussion in 'World 6' started by lucasdom, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Oh my God .. I just want to reminisce with reading forums and suddenly find it .. Miss Ivy T_T ... she is my godmother in the game, along with cyclopsian adoptive father, and Lucasdom, my best friend. Forgive your son has been insubordinate to you, and just found out about this now. Sadness makes me regret having to reopen this forum, and to know the bad news. rest in peace my mother, may God accept with all good. Cyclopsian my father, I hope you can accept it with strong and live in peace. Lucasdom my friends, if you are reading this, please send a message here so I know if you are doing well.

    Best Regards
    Haksman / KCA
  2. :icon_sad:

    I'd like to know who this is, if you're a friend of mine from W6 pls contact me somehow..I cant mail you cause you're blocked
  3. Marcus the Mad

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    Sep 2, 2010
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    I'm a month late, but.

    We remember you Miss Ivy. You were an admirable star in the sky, a glitter in the dark. All of us till carry you deep in our hearts.