One Year Anniversary


It's been a whole year since the world was closed. The skies are still a nice clear blue. :)

What's new with all of you? I see a few of you on skype now and then, Biscuit and Iben especially seems to be there pretty often.

I've played some tribal wars here and there but really my heart isn't as in it as it used to be. I already know what sort of ass kicking my life is in for if I get serious! I've got a sweet new job, the family is doing good, and I've lost 5 lbs (nowhere near my goal but I'll take it).

I've been leaving skype on lately if any of you feel like jumping on and having a chat.



I've been playing League of Legends a lot since august. But in 2 weeks I'll be in Masar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan for 4 months. Have considered doing a comeback when there :p


Just won my 2nd world w57 took over a account in KNOCK and that world just ended. I Did not finish as well as this world, finished 27th lol


Happy 2nd anniversary!

i only knew this, as i started my new job on this date and it coincided with reading this forum for what i thought would be the last time

i still think this was the best world, world 56 and world 65 had their moments, world 69 had little hope, but not a patch on the gameplay and complete happenings that i experienced throughout world 26, lots of up and downs, but all enjoyable

i now no longer play tribalwars...I cannot find the time required as worlds now seem to demand a co player or even several co players. Along with the requirement for more £ = more perks, then other influences such as Paladins/weapons, world 26 was my first world and my kind of world.

May Clear! keep ruling and protecting you world 26, until the uprising of Paolo's Nomad, of course