Open Apologize


Its been such long time since the good old world 16 days and i would like to just say sorry to everyone for how i acted back in the day i was young stupid kid, who kidding im still young stupid kid haha but just wanted to say sorry. I also wanna say thank you to everyone i learned so much from this world and had fun


Hey monsterbro. I'd love to reminisce with anyone from good ole 16.


I would like to borrow your post as well
I Horagod am Sorry for any I offended or anyone I mistreated

more than a decade ago... when I start playing... I had a great time
but as a teenager, I eventually burned out and become I everyone have viewed spammer and toxic

I can't say I regret all the things I done, but I could have better but then again... Hormones

Let me just say Thank you to everyone I played with and fought with
It was good while it lasted and had a great time