Original GP(GeneralPeanut) is back.


Hello Guys!I know that most of you here in W51 know me and I also know that you are still puzzled why I was lost in W51.First of all many thought I abandoned the world but the real thing is I really love this world and the reason why I was lost in this world because my account got hacked(too bad my efforts were wasted..).I stop during the day I knew that my account got hacked and I told myself that day that I am not going to go back again in TW but now I decided to come back because it looks like I already have a disease name TW addiction.LOL!:)

Okay let me got straight to the point.......I came back because I saw that there will be a new world which is W56(A No Hauling World) and I decided that with my comeback I would be creating a premade tribe named Newgrounds and I want to recruit a lot of W51 players because I believe that a lot of good players are in this world compared to other worlds(Am I right?).:)

This is the link for my premade:http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?t=230881
For interested W51 players you may PM me or add me in skype which is better so that I can add you in the Newgrounds chat room.
Skype Username:twgeneralpeanut

See you guys!Hoping for a lot of W51 applicants :)


Woooooo! its the real GP alas, ^^ this guys not a fraud like that Wannabe Speed player guy, And this guys awesome! Sorry for saying about the premade being a fail, You should have posted it on this forum account and it would have been win, So yeah. Hope you do well GP :)