Our Favourite Players of W60


ste every singal account you were on was ruined as soon as you got on the prime example being aviorr you quit as soon as any opp was thought about you turned and ran said rl issues yet baroned another world.

It's funny, I distinctly remember doubling the me12341234's accounts points in like 2 weeks, and helping the Cy89 account to grow and move to the frontlines. I was given an account, that formally had an agreement with Strap, who unleashed everything he had on me, with the help of others. It was only a matter of time, before me and Joe were pushed out of that area. At least when I hopped accounts, it was because I was asked to play bigger accounts due to how I was doing well, not because I trashed the account. Admittedly Aviorr suffered alot, but I only lost 2 million points (mostly due to buildings being demolished). I checked recently, and the new co lost 4 million in points, and was completely kicked out of K14, so I did a better job than others could have done in that situation.


Back on track I have to say my favorite player of w60 would have to be Ampac, He shows alot of determination and is not easily deterred from his goals.


my favorite players are ampac, ashoka1, whats a nuke?, fizzolio, pogodas, htm, valai, uncommon valor, texaspete01. :D

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My respect to DA, but favorite player from this world can't be anyone other than ampac. <3 htm too. Can't get on skype atm, but could someone send them my regards? I miss people :(



They are good only if we don't play

Litka logged in and he was dead.


Staying till the end is not your strong point, you quitter.


So just made up my mind about this thread and thought I would, now that the world ic coming to an end, post my favorites :)

1. Hells Toy Master - What a fighter! Amazingly fought throughout thw whole world, even when he got solo. Good job Keith!
2. ampac - What can I say? We became buddies long ago, you made this world a lot more interesting :D KILL THEM ALL!
3. litkafilip - Not a speaker, just a fighter. GJ Bro.
4. strapazan - Beast of the north, his first world, what a guy!
5. sweetmisery - For fighting back harris and dodging all our nukes :D Was always a waste of time to send my nukes your way -.-
6. Zacro - Honourable guy & fighter, sadly doesnt talk much.
7. xharris - Always on the frontlines from day one, sweets worst nightmare i guess :D loving you.
8. texaspete001 - Always underrrated because he wasnt always active in the past, but earned all my respect.
9. Alysta - Never went far with the account sadly, had a lot of potential but activity problems
10. mhigzie - Great job in K43/K44, also not a big talker but fighter.

Those are my top 10, ofc i liked and respected others aswell but sadly a lot have already quit the world or passes away..:/

Thanks for making this world so damn amazing guys!