OUTDATED: Automated Account Deletion

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    Dear players,

    Today we would like to share important information with you regarding your game accounts.

    From May 21, 2018 onward the following changes will be implemented:
    • We will automatically delete all game accounts that did not log into the game for 12 months (or longer).
    • When removing a game account, the associated forum account will also be deleted. This identification is done by the username.
    This means that having different names on the forums and in the game will only be possible by having multiple game accounts, that need to be actively used (at least log in once every 12 months to avoid the automatic deletion).

    If your game and forum account names do not have the same user name by May 21 it might be that you will receive a deletion request. To be able to revert an accidental deletion request, there is a 7 days period before the actual deletion of the accounts takes place. This deletion cannot be reversed! After an account has been requested for deletion (by a player or automatically) a private message will be automatically sent to the associated forum account. If you receive this message and did not initiate the deletion request please contact support immediately!


    In short:

    • If your game account does not have a forum account, all is good. You only need to be aware that we are deleting inactive accounts after 12 months automatically.
    • If your game and forum account have the same name, all is good. You only need to be aware that we are deleting inactive accounts after 12 months automatically.
    • If your forum account differs by username from your game account, please contact support to have your username(s) changed. Or:
    • If you only have a forum account but no game account anymore, please create a new game account with your forum username. If this isn't possible, please contact support.
    • If you ever receive the deletion notification on the forums without triggering it yourself, please contact support.

    If you have any questions, please let us know!

    Here is the feedback thread.


    The Tribal Wars Team