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I thought of this because I recently started on a new world and thought that it would be a neat feature.

You would be able to see the total amount of resources that your troupes are currently carrying. This would be per village, or total in the overview menu.
This way you would know how much you have coming in at any time.
I have 3 raid party's coming back.
Wood, clay, iron
#1 has 100 100 100
#2 has 75 50 60
#3 has 250 200 300

It would show me that i have 425 wood , 350 clay, 460 iron coming in. This way you can quickly see how much you will get once the farming parties are back.

You could make this a premium feature and put in in the side bar next to your production, units etc.

I know that it already counts these 'carried' resources when you want to build something, but i thought this would be use full nonetheless.

PS. I'm sorry for spelling and grammar, English is not my first language.



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Cheesasaurus used to have a fantastic script that did this, would even break it down how much of each res is coming back during each hour as well as your overall haul efficiency %, would love to see that put into the game for startup purposes