Rejected Overviews-->Building Icon


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As you can see above the to two icons from the overview-->building table on the far left are small. The red down arrow to demolish buildings has an area on the tip that makes it easy to select however the hammer is a much smaller area and is very difficult to click even when you mouse over until you see the pop-up telling you the function and then click. If the area inside the square that allows you to activate this function could be enlarged so that it truly corresponds to the area where the pop-up is showing or switch it to a green up arrow the same size as the red one would eliminate much frustration in using this feature.


Tribal Wars Team
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I am going to reject this idea, but please create a ticket if you encounter issues with this. I logged in on my account and I could not reproduce the issue you're describing, the hammer is very easily clickable, so it could be an issue on your end. Can you please try another browser?