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wisescarab as a duke of nova, it sounds rather like youre the histories biggest refugee, then a proud member of inso.

if you had any sort of balls whatsoever, you would have done like paladin, and fought it out til the last village.

I am still around. Through SAGA, WAR-D, NOVA, and Orion (which sums up my few tribe changes effectively)...I played to win the game, I have won the game. What have you done? You lost. Don't blame me for being a winner, I hardly hold it against you for being a loser.

I like Paladin quite a bit. That's the way he wanted to go out. Keep in mind he wasn't a member of R, he was the creator. Perhaps you should read up on my history before you make judgements. Here is a summary:

At the end of Saga I was on the outskirts, a perfect pick up as I was not near enough to entice nobeling, and very aggressive. I was one of many. Then I crushed the competition alongside my friend Andre 93-08, driving all but a few folks like Shardsofafrozenflame from K72 and K71. War came, and in the end, we lost after Jethrotull's departure. Nova carved up the remnants, and invited those who were among the best fighters to face a looming threat (Inso). I have in the past, always been in the top 10 ODA, so I was invited. I joined my friend Aine1169 in Nova, along with Andre shortly thereafter. Somewhere down the line, Tigerstar left, and we had a game of musical chairs at the leader position. I took control of the situation, and organized the merger with Blood-De. At this time NOVA was dying, and it was a long shot to save the remaining players. Most of my friends had already departed for INSO.

We became Orion. I am good at organizing, putting in place structure - NOT at leading, and organizing operations. Warloque was the leader, and I was the silent co-leader. I only remained as a leader because I was the remaining GM from Nova. Warloque made most of the decisions, and I just did what I have always done, and killed everyone around me.

Warloque left, probably got tired of trying to get people to listen. Then I am forced to awaken, and things stabilize temporarily because people like having continuity. But in time folks go back to ignoring me and the rest of the council, refusing to help each other, this and that. I lose patience, and towards the end I am left with a mish-mash of folks I don't really even recognize.

So I did what I should have done in the first place, and joined my friends in INSO alongside Andre 93-08. As for my signature, I am arrogant, and like my past accomplishments. Hence they are in my signature. That doesn't mean I don't love INSO.
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I will admit you caught me off guard when u jumped scarab but i understood why after a time..... i was determined to be around till the end of 13 in one way or other but real life and the marine corps got in the way.... Im a corporal now got promoted in march (got lucky =P) and it still runs my life. I miss the old days along side ZATHHH Warloque and the whole BLOOD gang. TBH in my view BLOOD was the core ORION and GENSIS were just anomalies of what one was.... but that doesnt mean i dont miss it....