Parmenion's Signature Competition!!!


Here we are folks!!!

We're at Parmenion's second artistic tournament of World 30!!!!

This competition is only to every player on World 30 and ex-players of world 30 if they even play an account for a week to receive the prize. (Specifically included to nip ambiguous flaming in the bud.)

The competition and prize are very simple:


Make me a legal signature as per normal Tribal Wars rules allow for signatures within the specifications required.

You may enter up to 3 entries (SFC's one in a seperate thread doesn't count unless he posts it here).



Premium to be divided as follows:

1st prize = 1400 PP
2nd prize = 1200 PP
3rd prize = 1000 PP
4th prize = 800 PP
5th prize = 600 PP

The points are deliberately designed this close together to encourage fair competition regardless of where you stand in political relations on this world. However, I am promoting my own propaganda in hoping to win your adoration and respect in the old in the old fashioned way of simply buying it :)

This is not a joke, nor a con in anyway. Today I found out I will have a daughter to celebrate soon and I wish to share my good fortune with a community that has been very good to me. I enjoy playing here and you all make that experience fun and I will be both sad and elated the day this world ends.
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Congrats on havin' a kid!

I'll see if I can't whip up something interesting.


Thanks man - looking forward to it :)

And by the way girls and guys - feel free to be deprecating in your sig humour. I enjoy satire and self deprecating humour so please feel free to have the signature taking the pi$$ out of me. They will be equally well received.


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Don't want to start posting off track stuff, but I'd like to congratulate you. Praying for a healthy and happy family on RAM's behalf. Cheers!!!!!!


Congratulation on the great news. Hope mommy and the baby will have a healthy pregnancy and that you wont have to run out in the middle of the night for all kinds of munchies too often lol

/me wonders if he can buy out an artist to make a nice signature for this contest.


Congrats on the upcoming birth of your daughter!!
As someone with two myself you might want to look into getting a real axe and not just for this. It's never too early to practice, this way it looks used when the boys come by. :)

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Nice, very nice indeed Parm!

Congratulations on the good news. I wish your daughter good health, and fortune.
How long until she can play tribal wars? :icon_razz:

That is a lot of premium to give away, I, almost feel harsh taking that much PP. Almost. :icon_evil:
Would it be possible (providing I get a podium finish) for you to somehow get the PP on another server? .US server for example?

/me wonders if he can buy out an artist to make a nice signature for this contest.
I propose a deal, I send you the sigs and you transfer me half of your winnings. Sound good? :icon_razz:
See I'm an artist and a business man. :icon_biggrin:
Only joking, it's not right to bring any sort of foul play to such a pure and joyful event on W30, let's admit, we are given very few occasion such as these.

Parm, do you have any requests?
But I think you want to leave it down to the artists creativity?

Anyway, I'll put them in 1 at a time if that's ok? Don't want to rush them because. :icon_razz:

P.S, just to let everyone else know, the sig in the other thread took me 10 minutes to make. I'll be spending longer on these 3 :p


Congratulations on the new arrival Parm.

-I would like a shot at this, but I have exams this week and the start of the next. When is the closing date?


SFC - I can always create on .US server buy PP and transfer and then delete - that's not really a hassle.

There is no stopping people from enlisting the services of people who can make sigs.

I have not yet set a closing date as I want to generate as much interest as possible and I will ensure that everyone gets at least 2 weeks notice. At the moment I am thinking the competition will run until the end of February. I will give a lot of notice before I decide on the closing date.

Earlier is of course better as it gives me time for entries to grow on me!

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Sig #1:


Sig #2:

Sig #3:

I've set the bar boys...
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congratulations :) happy times ahead,

i wont enter as im crap!:icon_razz:


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i wont enter as im crap!:icon_razz:
we know that :lol:

Anyway, in case you did enter, you would probably have made Parm's sig, a rotating volkswagen advertisement ... :lol: :lol: :lol:



congratulations on the joy of having something special entering your life

im sure we will find out if its a boy or a girl
maybe we can come up with some names for you
some that you may not of thought of

any way grats and hope its a pleasant and enjoy full arrival :icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin:


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Congratz man! Hope all is well with mother and child :)

P.S We should all delete now that Parm will be up all night to farm XD