Parmenion's Signature Competition!!!


lol! THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE DUKES IN RAM :icon_idea: ! These covert Dukes declare wars without the Duke's aprooval :lol:
Actually, most of the players in RAM have Duke privs. Probably over Half. Even some drift players are dukes of RAM.

People STOP accusing Karma for all of RAM's mishaps. There is an iron curtain situation.

PS Karma your sigs are great! Please (when you have time), make one for me as well.
I cannot pay, but I will nuke blast a target of your choice if I like the sig. Tribe is irrelevant - (If you choose a BH player, I prefer McMellow or Wildcats (it has been a while since I landed 500 nukes at him :lol:) )
Would you like a bunch of sigs?

Tommy Gummy

lol, karma rocks. Buy me some pp lol, that siggy has copyrights!

SOLDIER 1st Class

Still Going Strong
It's not my fault it is BAD ASS. I just had to make my own simply EPIC version of it. Making it (as impossible as it seems) even BAD-ER ASS than yours.