Past W15 players....

Discussion in 'World 15' started by zmicskillz, Feb 13, 2011.

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  1. zmicskillz

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  2. siddhartha96

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    Feb 19, 2009
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    That reminds me, I was cleaning out an old flash drive and found this...from when I created battle groups in VODKA :O

    [SPOIL]Name BG

    Allexynho NE
    calypso3 NE
    Darth Novi NE
    Ebonmorn NE
    kinkster NE
    lt dandude NE
    Minas Morgul NE
    Moelner NE
    nightgamer NE
    pertus NE
    Ruud60 NE
    silver613 NE
    ugugumufu NE
    A Lost Cause NE, SE
    adamashley NW
    Balkath NW
    Basscat NW
    Boppiej NW
    craig102 NW
    Dahtoudi NW
    Gibbomd NW
    guzda NW
    jimycrakho NW
    joshiejack NW
    krazykat69 NW
    masar osman NW
    meute NW
    shadowskill2001 NW
    Tewataka NW
    the dawser NW
    fresh meet NW, NE
    ziftin peki NW, NE
    pahakskie NW, SE
    rfph1 NW, SE, NE
    champs2 NW,NE
    belphegol SE
    Centuri0n SE
    Fisichella1980 SE
    Kevy SE
    Matrix212 SE
    S1ggy SE
    ulolkayo SE, NE
    drago12 SE, SW
    Kutaki SE, SW
    loudinka SE, SW
    asp808 SW
    davidlesko SW
    Ligf SW
    Mattos999 SW
    Micutaa SW
    norvit2 SW
    oleg82000 SW
    rock legnd SW
    slapper5 SW
    03pashley SW, NW
    Lornia SW, NW
    Mpiufiu SW, NW
    Siddhartha96 SW, SE[/SPOIL]

    I don't think anyone on that list is still in w15...
  3. wow I made that list :icon_surprised:
  4. hellforge05

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    you know what sid....pahakskie rules among all the battle groups!
  5. kevlongman

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    I made it into the 60s:icon_eek:
  6. yuyumonk

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  7. futureworth

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    Dec 6, 2009
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  8. caglen

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    Things have changed since I last looked in here.
  9. Rossy Mid

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    Is MsHuggles still going?
  10. jaffe25

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    Yup she is as active as ever. SHe is helping to hold the DA flag up. They have their wagon wheels in a circle but it is only a matter of time..........
  11. Rossy Mid

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    Oh good, i left D.A about 2 years ago but she always looked after me, especially when i trained my first noble and decided to attack Aco1 lol , dont know how she got me out of that one
  12. mattie470

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    i used to play this matty470. just as Axe were starting to dominate with DA near k9 i only recognise 2 or 3 players now though
  13. 1stphoenix

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    Jun 4, 2008
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    Long time since ive had a look in here :)
  14. joshh08

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    Jun 18, 2008
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    I'm pretty disappointed by my final position ><
  15. nicestash

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    I would say something as a response to this, but this isn't the right forum...

    It's nice to see my old account on that list

    Nice to see you btw rossy mid and zmic! It sure has been a while!
  16. vispher101

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    Sep 2, 2011
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    haha this was my favorite world :D
  17. leeold

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    yeh miss this world should of let my account go inactive but hey everyone long time no speak
  18. heavymetal16

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    joshh stop hiding i miss your nubness :p
  19. muse747

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    hello there friends does anyone reminds me ( fellow cacti lover :) I am back ;)
  20. Atomic Cloud

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    #100.. nyaw. I can remember pretty much nothing from my time here but that's nice to see. Not that I was the one with the account by the end, but heh :icon_rolleyes:
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