PD vs Faux


I wonder why, big tribes go against small tribe on North :/
I stand to correct myself:

The merge more or less spells shit quality over VVV and makes its members look like a joke. This is because the largest tribe merge with another to get even larger. I believe its members are upset with it, at least those I have spoken with. VVV got a history of merging, which I don't believe anyone missed.

It's tribalwars and not tribalhugs. We intend to fight in TSE for a good battle. I'm sure that a lot of VVV members would want to do the same.

So as the war declaration says:

Why are the leaders in VVV so desperate?

Are they scared? I know that its members that I spoke with aren't.

Have they lost faith in their members?

There's a lot of questions that VVV members should ask their leaders. It's not a message meant to scare VVV members. It simply asks if they want to play tribalhugs or tribalwars.

As whenever large alliances are created or merges appears, people quit. They see no fun in playing and delete.
There's options as I listed:

Delete and trigger a Deletion Chain.

Join TSE for a good fight instead of the usual merge.

Create a new tribe to piss off VVV's leaders and prove that you're way more skilled than a merger. We'll of course ally that tribe, as we aren't dumb enough not to do so.

It's simple and easy to understand, I believe that there's members in VVV who can fight with skill rather than hide behind a merge. Or am I wrong?

The war declaration is simple to understand. We don't seek to merge for an easy victory like VVV, we fight for it. VVV were larger than TSE to begin with, but apparently their leaders where desperate and needed more members.

So the question again is, do VVV's leaders regard their members as useless?
I really don't see any other explanation as if you're skilled enough, then you fight.
Seems I forgotten a past lesson.