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Discussion in 'W41 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by tylar1496, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. tylar1496

    tylar1496 Guest

    :icon_evil: this is going to be a KILLER CLAN i don't care if you just started or ur the best person in the game i want people to join!!!

    there is a few rules though
    1. No making fun of other player in this clan
    2. If something gets out of hand tell me and ill deal with it.
    3. you must act respectful and nice to the lower people in this clan

    And if you can do all of this you are able to join the clan :icon_twisted:
  2. mastertcos

    mastertcos Guest

    Im in k94 my name is mastcos and im looking for a tribe
  3. lordsanchez

    lordsanchez Guest

    sounds fun

    that may be a problem
    Well, I like to make fun of dukes
    I'll nuke them then tell you

    I can try hard to get this one done

    Can I join?
    My IG is lordsanchez
  4. d3fu4127

    d3fu4127 Guest

    Hey sanchez did you realise the first post in this thread was November xD
  5. lordsanchez

    lordsanchez Guest

    does that mean I get no invite? :icon_cry:

    ASDPOI Guest

    I think you have wait till next October, or maybe 2011 January, while they review yours application.
    Maybe process would go faster if you give him bribe of clay, wood and iron.