Philip1300 Rank 1 player have now youtube channel


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Philip1300 FORMER multi Tribal wars rank 1.
ME saying HI wanted to log in little and let you peopple se that me yet is out there somewhere and me have it fine.
Last me was rank 1 was on the very first casual world in sweden server me went rank 1 on the daily best fighter captures rank.
Me was under attack quite 24/7 for months and it happen me had many K incoming attack but me manged somehow to survial and place me some rank 1.
me hold it to when me went gray:)

So what have me FORMER rank 1 player philip1300 ben upp to from when me went to other places.
Little off everything.

Me have played mortal online where me com down some one bomb and kicked everyone down on the rank and now me is rank 1 on.
me have played and get 700 kill streak.
me have played some elite dangerous and is out on 10000 system explore coming back maybe in furture.
me have been playing entropia where me is one off the player who geting wins.
some exempel me have been on many more places on internet.

Now me have started one youtube channel where me every day giving out videos.
and me be slow better on it for every video me do.

some off yous maybe yet remeber me some maybe not:)
but fell free to subsribe to my channel.
for every video me do me be better on somthing.

Philip1300 FORMER tribal wars rank 1 can now be found on youtube.