PHO Member - Passed Away


may he be in a better place now. I hope he is playing TW in the great beyond.


Death is a terrible thing and like tiaco said it can't be avoided but when you think how many people lose loved ones and we all handle it differently, and we are all dying from the day we are and born, so my heart goes out to anyone that has lost a close one, because i know what it feels like and it ain't right ,So Rip My Fellow Player And Let The Holy Ones Guard Over Your Sprit


Eventhough he has left nearly one month,but I still can't accept until now,eventhough I know should let everything over,but I still very sad until now,eventhough I know should let him rest in peace,but I still can't stop thinking of him until now.Xenov,I will always remember you and friendship forever.R.I.P

T o b y

I did not know him, but my condolences go out as well. I stumbled upon this thread by chance and I cannot leave without paying my respects alongside all others. RIP.


Just came across this, and I know that I am not in this world but man... Thats really gotta suck for his family. Its always sad to hear about things like this happening :( I hope god watches over his family as well as his soul.


how he passed away? what happened ?

Why do people ask these questions we had a very good member who passed away from a very good gaming community and everone wanted to know why he did it the thread ended up getting locked.

Anyways RIP hope family is all and well


My condolences to his family and friends. I never had the opportunity to know him, but from what everyone has been saying he seems like a great guy. Rest in Peace.


Xenov, never knew you but hope you rest in peace!
And May all those who loved you find solace in their memories!


My condolences to his family and friends

I lost my oldest daughter 3 years ago and to this day i miss her dearly, she is in my thoughts every single day, but i know i will see her again. I feel his parents pain.


Puts it all in perspective really, hope his loved ones are ok.

sorry for your sad news.


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Its always sad to hear of a death, whether it be a close relative of your or someone you never knew.

My condolences go out to his family and his tribemates who are affected by this loss. May he rest in peace.


2 months and a few days have passed. I won't lie and say I have him in my memory the whole time but I do remember him and the pain his family passed during the first days and the pain they have right now.

I feel sorry for the family and I hope that all goes well.

We miss you xenov :)


It would be wrong to begin reading this thread and leave without giving my condolences.


Xenov passed away on July 19th, tomorrow it will be 9 months since that dreadful night.

You can never fully recover from a death of a relative however I hope his family and friends are now recovering and getting better. I'll remember him.

This thread shouldn't be left to die.