Phoenx Reborn

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Hey there guys and gals.

I promised many of my friends, many of my neutrals, and plenty of my enemies that i would inform them if/when i decided to join a new world. We have chosen w54.. as the settings appear to be what we are looking for. Very similar to this world, and precisely what most of us prefer.

World 54 Features:

World 54 settings ^

Speed: 1.0
Unit speed: 1.0
Paladin: Yes, with new weapons
Archers: Yes
Church enabled: Yes
Noble system: Coins
Morale: Points+time based
Bonus villages: Yes
Barbarian villages: Grow to 3,000 points
Tech system: Simple
Beginner protection: 5 days
Tribe limit: 100
Militia: Enabled
Account manager: Enabled
Tribe wars: Enabled
Other info: Players can choose their starting direction. There will be an attack and support gap of 50ms.

Now, many of you have asked to join Phoenx Reborn should the time come. You do not have to post your name here if you do not want too, but at least pm me ingame or inforums. We dont have much time, but co players are very key for most of us that wish to start this world....

A skype chat will be started, (skype is a must) and we will decide a few things prior to the beginning, if people are interested...


I put this here so it is seen, we have only two or so days until w54 opens, i would like this thread to be prominent just long enough to get what is needed across.


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Super-perfect world settings imo :) .
I am sorry but I got no time to spare farming (I truly hate that), so I wish you all good luck! I am sure you are going to need that as Paj's, reputation is transTW and many will come after him :lol: (...and the flock he will lead :icon_wink:)

robot out :xmas smile:

celtic warroir

:icon_confused:im joinning as well and leaveimg world 30. great to know ill have the great pajuno..... in the mixed of the forums there aswell...:icon_smile: this makes me happy:icon_biggrin:
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i cant start a new world until this world ends when this world ends ill co play someone (everytime i play multi worlds i quit as need 100% for my main and only account)

*so wants a peice though*


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Some of us intend to use the new world to hopefully bolster our desire to play this world.

have to admit, it does get a bit boring as things are.....

celtic warroir

Agreed I just got some incomings and I'm like happy now 17 incomeings and my last attack on me was like 2 months ago:( o well I guess after I kill her fakes and nukes she will send more as she is a 5 mill player and I'm nearly a 3 mill player.
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