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Discussion in 'World 30' started by dragonwarriors, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. -RickyBobby-

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    Jun 27, 2008
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    1. HAHAHAH! You are a complete idiot. You can't RESTART with more than one village. You can delete the account whenever.

    2. Again, farming continuously gets you more resources despite smaller hauls. Less time for the opponent to use them up. Don't expect full hauls every time.

    3. How do I not look bright? "I am a good listener." Bull you are a good listener. You were just trying to spy and you know it. Saying I don't know what a troop is was the dumbest thing ever, and claiming you are farming my first village was bull.

    4. Okay, learn to count. Everyone says this thread is completely pointless and that you shouldn't even have made it. Most think that you are in the wrong here. Go back and watch The Count please from Sesame Street.
  2. tribalhitman

    tribalhitman Guest

    Deleting the account is not restarting. So i am right and im not the idiot her

    2 i dont see the point in getting small hauls from you 24/7 when i can farm others aswell, so you get the same as everyone else

    3 i wanted to know why you asked to be fair, yes i wanted to know who but nothing else, mainly i was curious why you couldnt just noble it down

    4 I never started the thread
  3. -RickyBobby-

    -RickyBobby- Non-stop Poster

    Jun 27, 2008
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    Ummm. You said you can't delete an account with more than 2 villages! You are an idiot. That only applies to restarting. Seriously, learn the game.

    I will just use up my resources so either way, farming me non stop is better. You just don't get it.

    I never asked to be fair, I said I would appreciate it.

    And one of your tribe members started it, you have been providing key information in to it (well, I am using the word "key" very loosely) so don't say you aren't a main opposing force in this.
  4. tribalhitman

    tribalhitman Guest

    And you said you can restart with more than 2 villages also making you an idiot.

    I think we both know what each other ment though

    Im not a main opposing force i asked him to prepare an attack and he did, it was not my troops that did the work and i wont pretend otherwise

    I made sure you were scouted with the telescope as i expected something hidden and i was surprised when nothing was there
  5. -RickyBobby-

    -RickyBobby- Non-stop Poster

    Jun 27, 2008
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    No, I said this about the damn rule. I said that you can delete WHENEVER, the rule about the 2 or more villages only applies to restarting. You can't restart with 2 or more. Reread that. *facepalms*

    If you are saying you scouted my main with a telescope and nothing was there, you are about as blind as possible or lying as I have plenty of troops there. More than any of your players.
  6. Davoschia

    Davoschia Guest

    Not quite true. As for nobling outside of influence, it will have to happen sooner or later...and I suspect you will be doing that soon enough. Go figure, the church would be the first building popping up with loads of support, which from the looks of things ALL 28 players can afford to send to any one village. As you say, why bother, you can just have a noble attack take the village immediately after there claim of the village.

    BTW, I am in acaboo. Can this thread just be locked, it is embarassing to even outsiders not part of this.
  7. parmenion

    parmenion Guest

    You can of course plan well and ensure that it doesn't happen. Thats not an argument, its a preference.

    Title of this thread is ridiculous as is the nonsense contained herein.

    All players get angry or short or play drunk at some stage. Ain't no player on these forums who hasn't lost it once for whatever reasons.

    By the same token, folks like to brag and I'd never take that individual right from anyone. Every dog deserves his day. Hell, anytime I've done something I am selfishly proud of in this game I have run straight to the forums to bask in my own greatness. There is absolutely no harm in it.

    There is of course making a point which gets you reputation points and then over doing it loses you respect.

    I guess the lesson we can all learn is that we all have our moments, good, bad and indifferent and that people should also know when its time to shut up and retain some semblance of self respect rather than embroil themselves in a degenerating conversation.

    Back to the game lads - go farm, build some stuff and chill out. :)
  8. PeRvIs

    PeRvIs Guest

    You don't get to decide if that letter makes BD look bad.
    Just like I don't get to decide if this thread makes acaboo look idiotic.

    That decision is a matter of public opinion formed by the neutral reader.

    And on that score everyone in this thread who is neither acaboo or BD has been referring to you guys using various adjectives denoting an IQ equivalent the the average potted plant.

    I'd say the forum has spoken and spoken of the thread maker and others such as big bad santa and bagohan as morons. Not necessarily my sentiments, but the sentiments expressed by posters here who are not in BD.

    I understand you guys saw what harlos did to Trycon or vpar did to =SK= Raven.
    I understand you wish to be just like that, to be praised on the forum and be considered "propagandists".
    You wish to make BD look foolish just like you saw other masters of P&P do to their victims.

    But unfortunately if the responses in this thread by every non acaboo poster is to go by, you attempt at begging for attention has backfired miserably.

    Propaganda is a tool and a weopon. On that you have no idea how to use or wield.
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  9. strauss

    strauss Guest

    This is thread is full of egos and idiots.

    Why is it still here?
  10. calmir

    calmir Guest

    F^ck there are some idiots in this thread. Namely the nubs from acaboo or however you spell the damn thing.
  11. bagohanme11

    bagohanme11 Guest


    You really should re-read my post I think you will find I was actually supporting BD in the P&P hell you should know that as you were once a friend but now using the word moron about me I can only consider

    1) You are very drunk

    2) Your not the original PERVY I will have to ask Archblade if you are still the original
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 25, 2009
  12. tribalhitman

    tribalhitman Guest

    We have found a diplomatic solution now anyway so the thread can go

    Though pervis i think that i stated not my thread before though you keep saying it is.

    Its been sorted now anyway and i dont think everyone classes us as n00bs
  13. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    No your right, the members of acaboo don't think your noobs.
  14. tribalhitman

    tribalhitman Guest

    At least we play fair and created a top tribe due to fair play
  15. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    :icon_rolleyes: I don't see the 'top tribe'.
  16. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    A query-
    Your villages
    Villages CoordinatesPoints
    Barbarian village 248|501 1.100
    Barbarian village 248|499 1.659
    tribalhitmans village 249|503 3.312

    Do you know how to rename your village? And urm are barbarian village ALL you feel able to noble?
    And also, Your ODA is rank 5160 with a grand total of... 4,757, or which your ODD is... 0.
    If all your members are like this, i seriously doubt accaboo is a 'top' tribe.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 25, 2009
  17. tribalhitman

    tribalhitman Guest

    All it means is i still have troops somewhere but until you attack me you wont know

    Because i dont rename my villages does not mean i am a noob, So why does it make a difference

    And you can see that some of our members are nobling big active players so they are not all like me.

    And i think it will be a top tribe soon enough, But there are no top tribes yet until wars with lots of nobles, then we will see who is a top tribe and who is not
  18. PeRvIs

    PeRvIs Guest

    1) i am drunk

    ) im a complete imposter
  19. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    I have three points to make:

    1) It doesn't mean you have troops somwhere, it means your a coward who deosn't want to use them for what they're for.

    2) I didn't say you were a noob for not naming your villages, i merely asked why you didn't. The fact that you took this to mean i was calling you a noob, suggests to me that you think its a noobish action.

    3) The start of this post seemed to deny my statements in my last posts, but then you say, 'And you can see that some of our members are nobling big active players so they are not all like me.' which sees to admit your doing something wrong.
  20. tribalhitman

    tribalhitman Guest

    But still i have troops and to be fair am i growing?

    I dont think the name of the village matters its who owns it that counts

    Im doing nothing wrong, i am growing well and i have 3 villages, Doesnt matter where they came from but what i use them for.

    As neither of us knows about the other players troop counts or playing style i think that we should finish this as its getting silly
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