Play with meh!!!!


Guest the forum is dead i think i can post here :)

there is an us server of tribalwars:
The third world will open in the end of march and I thought someone might want to join :icon_biggrin:
(its a secret, but i know :icon_cool:; it should be a fast world without churches)

If you wanna talk about making a premade, you can contact me on email/.us forum/.us world2. and if you don't find me , ask Frzzst6, pally, thebigt or samjaza, they will find me :icon_biggrin:


Who'd wanna play with a bunch of dumb Americans!? :icon_razz:


This really has nothing to do with anything, so no, I don't think you should be posting it in the main section :D
Moved to GD.