Player Made Maps


i think we lost all chance of staying under the radar when -Sakura- joined us lol

but at the rate we are growing that should be no problem ;)

oberjarl is awesome

Am I the only one who thinks Bugz looks like Se7en from world 67 if you rotate them 90 degrees? Basically same place but Se7en was more dense.


Not for sensitive eyes lol you've been warned..... top 15 soup i call it





ive asked the new auto updated maps guy to do world 80 maps


Re: auto maps[/h]

Originally Posted by What??
hi there

great effort on the maps i was wondering if you could do world 80 for us plz

ive always found these maps a pleasure to use thanks


Will put them up shortly. Just found an issue with the dominance percentages, and want to fix that before I post to your forum as well.​


can we have new map/s here, should be cool now as the world is on huge changes.
I would do a map or two each week here if I am good at it, but sadly graphic design tools skills is not my strong point.

Ignoramus of the Law

I will draw one of my famous influence maps tonight :p


Very nice map guessing the big area not shown is llamas and bugz and a few other tribes. Also nice to see the positioning of sabre a lot of mvdc will get eaten if they are isolated. Strange didn't know IT were that close to Gents that could be interesting but thought I heard they had diplomacy somewhere forgot where.