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Good evening

I have noticed that there isn't such a topic here so we might as well open one. If a mod. would be kind enough to pin this, even better.

I'll start with a map with rank 1 on each continent.
*only rank 1 was colored, regardless of distance to rank 2
*a "k" is a thousand. So, if you see 4110k that is 4.110.000 (or 4 millions)
*this is just the "test map" but now, that I have all the layers should be easy to update
*yes, I know the Auto-updating maps has a section for each K but this has more color
*color are pruhtty



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I think I like k77 the best on that map.

Most people do the dots but the solid colors gives a slightly different perspective. It really shows how tyrant really isn't #1 in many continents compared to other tribes. Also k55 has so much less dominance than the other core k's.

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With K44 being the most dominated one. And imagine the Why!! villages that aren't represented... Damn, it will be hard to break through that K by sheer military force.


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Damn even though this map is pretty simple and all, i just love it! Dont know why i just do, gj!

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Yeah... I had to take refuge in Lego as getting rimmed by Tyrant was a pretty rough part of my life...
But wait... that was you.

*ba dum tsssss
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I'm pretty sure that beautiful/colourful map is supposed to be in a Spoiler. xD

But I think you've made a mistake here :D K22, 23, 32,33, it should now say -Daemon-

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