Player on Player Tourney #3


Okay times up.

Ampac-6 SAIC artist-2

Now as promised earlier, here we go

guyverone V.S. ampac Ends on Friday..

P.S. I know guyver deleted, but I told him that he would face the champ. He deemed my tread fail, and i can't be having that. :icon_sad:


Alright times up.

SAIC artist-6 Eksiljyden-5 Winner: SAIC artist

Siandona-2 Ampac-9 Winner: Ampac

FINAL ROUND Ends monday...

Ampac V.S. SAIC artist
Your thread is fail cus you can't count. Eks had 6 and SAIC had 6. By your draws from earlier you'd be going by ODA and Eks beats SAIC.
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Yeah, what's the point in that, you leave my big barb hole alone!

Even though it's a mock vote, let's not forget ampac couldn't even send a same second train until I showed him how to.
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Dorin Baba

Guyver was probably the only good player left on the server.
you are right in a way, he was so good... like 100 Hefty's put all together :icon_redface:


Friday pass so in case guyerone vote for himself, it is a draw, other case Ampac win.

Dorin Baba

In that case is a draw.
but i suspect that into a real 'tw war' Ampac vs Guyv, Guyv will win after a heavy fight , of course.(he have more patience)