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Sorry about the delay, had some other stuff to take care about. I decided to just write my top 10 players review instead of top 3 tribe, since that's quite boring. Pretty sure people will enjoy reading player overviews way more.

Making a top 10, but will just start with top 5.

Rank 1
Whendogsbite - SIN



Short Review

Boxer & Trouble

WDB is a 2-man beastly account being able to push and hold rank 1 for quite a long time now. Besides having over 90% of their villages located on the backline they still seem to have an amazing growth.
Most of that growth has been achieved by clearing and destroy local players inside or near their cluster.
They got a fair share of internals, but I can ensure you all of them are used for tribal interest and from what I've seen, they are teamplayers.
I've only talked to Trouble over skype which has a nice personality imo,
can't put my thoughts about Boxxy ;)
Their farming is extremely consistent,
reaching top charts every day and probably having one of the higher noble counts currently ingame.
Their 'deathstar' cluster up west is getting bigger and bigger every week,
will be fun to see how those plans go.

No 26 pointer is safe for these animals.

Rank 2
OsoSerious- SIN



Short Review


I've only talked to one of them, so I'm not entirely sure how many people play on this account. Can be soloplayed, don't know 100%

Okay, first thing you notice when looking at the map. Cluster. Probably one of the most dens clusters on w80 atm, very compact with a few islands every here and there. Must be a joy to defend with if a front ever reaches that. From what I've heard, Oso is key when it comes to organisation and offense.
Besides, he has a very consistent faking method.
If this account really is soloplayed, the farming is also quite insane, keeping up the noble count of WDB and keeps moving forward.

Rank 3
The Ultimate Bot - Regime
aka Ilold@u



Short Review


Known for his speed worlds.
Currently on w80, an impressive looter of the day award count of 52x.
As result, the quickest growing in all of the world.
An account of this size that doesn't have a front brings a lot of questions to the table, soon, the world will see what ilol'd is truly made of. Looking forward to see what kind of magic we can expect from him.
Don't know anything about his potential co's, so will just keep it to this one player.
His profilepage ingame also has a few masterpieces, so possibly a fun personality. :D

Is his troops aren't on plundermodus they are causing heavy damage to any village that gets near. A dead nuke is a nuke well used.

Rank 4
DVBBS - Dest.



Short Review

Own account, wont review.

Alex is bae <3

Rank 5
Aldegrion - Dest.



Short Review

Ben, Francy & Vick/vignesh

Vicky is a veteran wargod. End of story.

Ben, one of the smartest players I know. Also our script maker and novice (experienced imo) coder-scriptmaker. Can fix close to anything reasonable. Great mind, great skills and great management.

Fran, besides him being a merciless gladiator, he's also the brains behind the loosely associated international network of activists and hacktivists entities, aka anonymous :x (nod)

2 clusters and one big island is how I see it, very great front to work with and a solid backline.

Rank 1 ODA, deserved. Always on point with their offense while being self reliant on stacks and defense in general. Now matter how far you think ahead, this account will always be one step ahead of you.
They're headstrong.
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he's also the brains behind the loosely associated international network of activists and hacktivists entities, aka anonymous :x (nod)

Ahahahha :icon_razz:

Michael Corleone.

^wow angelo i like this guy already.