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Some of you may have seen this on other worlds, its when you basically say, where u were at the start of this world, and how you got to being wherever u are now,

I will go first :) :

I started in SW K15 , made some friends around me (my first were mr.rayray, and skeith931), and had my own tribe, which i disbanded, to merge into the number one tribe at the time, ( in K15 ) , it was called PUNJAB.

there i met my best friend on this world, Alex W, he was not the leader though, he was just another player like me with duke privileges :icon_eek:, yes duke privelages, our leader a complete idio*, who never talked on forums, mass-recruited, and hugged every tribe, gave everyone duke privs, and said if u are inactive the privs will be taken away,

i then took charge and only left three people with Duke privileges, ( me alex the founder, drmanu ) and another player with baron privs, groundz456,

to gain more strength, we had a family tribe, called, DAMAGE ( Lead by Carl the Gr8, Serpyx, and Cellbalos) that was based on the border of K15 and K16, and many other smaller tribes merged into us.

i did what i could to keep the tribe growing, but the founder kept B*tch*** about the good i did, so me and my friend Alex W, decided to have a coup detat ( we decided this the day we met each other and were waiting for things to piss us off)

So then I and Alex W created VORB ( Village of Raining Blood ) , almost everyone in Punjab that knew us joined, Unfortunately some had not, like Grounz456, who wanted to be a lone wolf for a while, but we still kept in touch for a while.

about 1 week later, DAMAGE merged into us, and we had a pain in K15, called NubRex, led by a fellow named, Carnage37, he was a fun guy. we always dissed each other, he got nobled, there tribe died out, and i think he restarted in K26 or K16, dunno if he still plays

after that we grew alot, i think as a tribe about 10-20K a day, (i think) we only had about 100K points

but then came 2 tribes from K14 and K24, called Globe, and Globe* (i think) . they gave us 2 hours to give them our best members, some ACTUALLY betrayed me and left, others i told to go as spies ( about 6 ppl) and some i told em to go for there own good and we will be united later on, the ppl that ditched me split up there own ways and died out, the spies came back after GLOBE disbanded they were destroyed by SNOW ( my PA was in Globe fam, and went to SNOW right to fight Globe ) and the spy inelligence i kept forwarding to SNOW , the people i told to go for there own good, well, screw them lol, they live, and do not even mail me anymore (some died out recently),

while this was going on i got nobled, and restarted in ,middle north K25, my PA avenged me tho, he has my thanks,

after all of that Drama we slowly started to grow again at about 20-30K every day or so, and we declared on a recent tribe we had a NAP with, OCD, they made about 2-3 members quit, we also took some of there villages, but sadly they were winning, what we would do was clear them and not follow up with trains, and that was that, they actually noble us ,

after all that i cant remember what happened, but i was hopping tribes with my friend Alex, for 2-3 weeks, and now we made our own tribe, it hads lots of EX- VORB members, and other various members, that were with us along the way at some point, but in different tribes,.

sorry for the long read but that is my history for now on this world
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I joined this world. Wound up in K47.

I first joined this crappy tribe (god there are so many the first month) and left shortly after.

Then I joined a tribe called legacy. The leader was banned and leadership was passed on. That leader decided he needed help leading so he promoted a guy named starscreamer, who immidiately demoted Akimp (what a douche!) and hi jacked the tribe. We all decided to stay though, because he promised we would do so much better. He then promoted a guy named Lordwolfx. They lead for about 2 weeks before they tried to abandon us and join Bored! We weren't having any of that. We immidiately started attacking under the new leadership of RowakeJr. We nobled every last one of their villages. We then changed our name to Apocalypse which I came up with.

We did well for a long time, eventually the super power Bored! merged with Icarus which put us in an awkward position. So we decided to merge with LoL who was just to the south. Now we have changed our name to WMD War Machines of Death. (Wasn't my idea...) And we have begun warring with Bored!

Only time will tell how far we make it.


Now if this thread was along the lines of 'you say you play on others worlds? Tell us a bit about which worlds you have been in? Your best world? Any old worlds you are still active in?' then I would have posted a nice long reply.

However if you check twstats for me on this world and know a bit about each tribes history you will get the gist :)


I have taken over an account in k27/26/37

Thats about it up to now :lol:

Now I begin my W43 career :icon_cool:

I have started W49 just for some fun, And I am also baron of TITANS in world 35.


Started my own tribe at the beginning of the world called Killer Klowns... recruited a few players and merged us into another small k56 tribe called ICARUS.

ICARUS at the time was headed by 3 dukes... MIOMIOCAT, newMS and herkch.. i became the 4th duke.
At the time, ICARUS was a minnow in w43 and also in k56. we grew steadily, recruiting players and ultimately merging with another k56/66 tribe expo! who were under attack from about 4 or 5 tribes (including us)

The newly expanded tribe continued to grow, attracting new blood and becoming no. 1 in k56. I left for a little while and the philosopher became the acting duke.

he left TW for RL reasons.. college and stuff. so i came back to lead rather than see the tribe disband.

Everyone was getting bored at that time so we declared war on all the other major tribes in k56, NK, TDP, irelax and WTF (sorry WFF :icon_wink:) in k66. We pretty much had the beating of these guys when we merged with KKnD who had been warring FRST.

I had to leave myself for RL reasons at this time and passed on the leadership of the tribe to Finnie the Great and Trojan Killer and my account to Randy.

Obviously since I left, TK and Finnie have both quit for RL and ICARUS merged into bored! randy's still playing my account and doing a great job at it too.

and thats my history in w43 :icon_smile:
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Ermm I'll have to think a little bit about this.

Me and Tom co-played w41 and quite frankly we kicked @$$ :icon_eek: We quit w41 about 400k took a few weeks (or months, I cant remember) off tw. Both of us still talked nearly daily with a skype chat we kept open with a few close friends from w41. Tom got bored one day and asked me if I wanted to co-play w43, I said yes, He joined randomly with one of his accounts 'Technology' and thats where the w43 story begins :icon_wink:

Both of us being quite amateurish at start-up we joined a teaching tribe 5 days into our w43 time....mattcurr's tribe;
None Str8oJ 16th November 2009 - 04:00:02 253

We were struggling to farm our area with the number one player on the K being right beside us and farming the area dry. With a few tips inside this teaching tribe we quickly gained the upperhand of farming in our area and began to grow at a decent rate, this was crucial as the larger players near us got closer to getting acadamies.

Nine days later after getting all the startup advice we needed it was a great and well appreciated coincidence that kappa (kappushkin) contacted me on skype about joining Waldo?;
Str8oJ Waldo? 25th November 2009 - 07:00:04 820

I knew kappa from w37 and w41 (enemies on w37 and tribemates on w41) so it was nice to know we had friends in the K we joined randomly. Not only this but Waldo? was the best up and coming tribe in k56 at that time with their top player being the obvious dominant force of k56 (Mr.Pliers). We joined even though we were extremely isolated in the north-west of k56 and completely surrounded by the emerging mass recruiting family of TDL and TDP. To stop myself rambling here (too late :icon_eek: ) TDP and TDL tried to move in on Technology however they failed :icon_cool: . After saving one of our new tribemates from being nobled he gifted us his villages before he quit which gave us a nice boost after the slow start.

Waldo? then died and merged with Expo
Waldo? Expo 14th December 2009 - 04:00:01 7,464

At this stage me and Tom were once again being surrounded by huge players compared to us. We had the #1 player in the K to the east, 'TheNurgle', and the competing #1 player in the world, 'Eviction Notice', to the north....Both expanding directly towards us. All of this was occuring while we were being gangbanged by the #1 and #2 tribe in k56 (with one or two smaller allies to these tribes also joining in). We had to fight these odds all alone as once again we were isolated from our entire tribe in north-west k56.

Eventually as we were pwning this attempted gangbang Expo died and merged with ICARUS. So we once again found ourselves making a decision of which new tribe to join. With how good BORED! were looking and realising that they were being partially lead by someone we both knew, Mario, I got Tom to contact mario about our recruitment. We were obviously accepted :p
Expo BORED! 22nd December 2009 - 07:00:01 15,132

Upon joining we were told we had to fight the k56 gangbang ourselves still which we accepted whole heartedly :icon_biggrin: . BORED! was also involved in multiple wars in k46 and we were requested to move into k46. On only our 9th village we made a 48 hour round trip to move into k46 and help BORED! in its other wars whilst also fighting off the pesky k56 gangbang. Eviction Notice and Technology hit it off straight away and our first assignment together was to take out the enemies #1 player.
[080] Still Mad! (650|492) K46 3,389 Lubon Maro Eviction Notice [BORED!] 2010-01-07 21:10:52

[092] Still Mad! (661|485) K46 5,233 Lubon Maro [ProRev] Eviction Notice [BORED!] 2010-01-06 20:03:27

[083] Still Mad! (653|496) K46 6,370 Lubon Maro [ProRev] Eviction Notice [BORED!] 2010-01-06 20:01:31

009 Who want some? (657|498) K46 5,180 Lubon Maro [ProRev] Technology [BORED!] 2010-01-06 20:00:01

With that he was all but rimmed in one hit.

Now onto the next chapter of w43. TheNurgle was growing and growing further into the dominant force in k56 and was also part of the #1 family there. At this stage if I remember correct he was also gaining and losing the #1 spot regularly. We had minor scuffles and fake NAP's and every other kind of thing you could expect between competing players. All of the bs he spoke out here and the number of people he annoyed just became too much until one day and we made a skype chat with some of the other dominant players +tribes against his family tribes. We made multiple plans to take him out once and for all however they were always put on hold due to me and Eviction having other BORED! things to take care of.

One day I attacked a "PA" of TheNurgle and he decided to take that village back;
014 Weatherman tellin us (627|515) K56 3,956 Technology [BORED!] TheNurgle [Fallen] 2009-12-29 22:50:10
014 Weatherman tellin us (627|515) K56 3,906 BORBLOX [TDP] Technology [BORED!] 2009-12-29 05:59:38

I was extremely angry at that time and wanted to launch fully on him however tom being the calmer aspect of Technology he knew it was better to bide our time until more people also wanted to launch.
Of course as most ego filled players tend to do he pushed his luck one step too far one day when he launched attacks and nobles on Eviction. Claim lists and hit times were drawn up on the spot for him to once and for all be removed from the picture.
This being his first world he couldnt handle the pressure of a full scale attack.

After he was removed it was a simple clean-up of my area with no major threats and/or events. Tom quit around 400k and I have been playing solo ever since :icon_sad: ...........still trying to get hm back into tw :icon_cry:

A few relocations into enemy K's later and here I am still in BORED!

A shout out to the names who have not been included but played a big part in my w43 experience so far.
Spush (kappushkin)
Kappa (kappushkin)
Strad (kappushkin)
Finnie (Finnie The Great)
Phil (The Philosopher)
Khick ( :icon_twisted: )
The Minotaurs (Eviction Notice)
Strike (Rabid squarrell)
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Tech I can't believe you didn't include me after all those times I.. err.. answered your CMs and spammed with you on Skype!


I have started out small with many threats around me....

The friends I have made have all told me to quit, and simply restart. I had about 15 thousand points while everyone had about 60 thousand.

The first tribe i started in was GNA, which merged into about 6 different tribes, and I recall always being threatened by NUTS.

The constant threats around me I befriended;

til this day, I believe that my ability to talk to my enemies has kept me alive.

So after recieving tons of help from friends like SIR PHILIP WILLIAM </3, I managed to stay alive.

Lord Anubis a moral enemy was taken down a little after the BORED merge.....

Now, I have grown stronger with the help of my neighbors until the Bored vs. Frst war.

Since then, my closest bored ally lost 500 thousand points, and i am constantly attacked...

We will see in a few weeks what happens, whether I am still alive or not.

What a great way to end the story!


Hey on the bright side my OD cracked 200!


Haha ironically he was a nice guy

I love befriending new people

I was nobled by this one guy Pepe, i think harbringer

and he becaame my friend

kinda weird huh


Haha ironically he was a nice guy

I love befriending new people

I was nobled by this one guy Pepe, i think harbringer

and he becaame my friend

kinda weird huh

Harb was everyones friend, lol.

Even his enemies somehow?


Yeah he was nice

What happened to pepe?

Hey, off topic but

doesn't pepe remind you of a penguin


Pepe was co-played by the original pepe and harbringer, now they are both leaving/gone :(


I was more classic MMO player, i play Age of Conan most of time so my in game mate told me " Prime i have one game where u can be really nasty to your neighbors..."
He point me on TW so i start to play, few months ago.
This is my first wold. This is also my last world i play. When i was playing Age of Conan and WoW, i was always one class. I never build any alt. I am priest class always, in every game. I love to play like support player. I reflect this behavior in TW. Most of my units are defensive and what i do in this 43 world will be end of my TW gaming expirience. Like in other MMO i do not like alts and focus attention on many world. I will give my best here and this is it.
Like many of u first i join one small tribe. Name was T.E.N. We merge into E-KatS. E-Kats get killed by Icarus. E-KatS leadership was tottal disaster, every one week some child try to be guild leader instead of other child. Growse. Few of E kats members get chance to prove them self in some academy tribe bcs ICARUS left alive top 5 players from 67 kontinet, ICARUS leadershipe decide it is wise to spare and take dedicated and active players then to kill them. It came up like good decision today. K67 is pretty hard nut now.
ICARUS merge with BORED, i am in some... whatever... NUBS tribe. My countrymans from Donkey tribe told me all best things about BORED, it was my wish from begining so i guess if this is closest i can reach BORED im fine with it. I active participate in this Great War but i never seen or attack any FRST member; they are to far away from me. NUBS are more focused on WMD. I think we have decent, fair PvP without hate. I enjoy.
Where do i see my self in future?
Well , to be honset WMD will kill me or i will kill WMD. When i say "i" i mean "we".
If we beat WMD i will end up far far north deep sourrouded by BORED and i will die of boredom. I will consider my goal and existence in this game finished and i will give my villages to my friends.
If WMD beat me i am fine with this too. I am kinda hope to die. Rl stuffs. Must come back to gym, my ass become every day thicker and thicker bcs this stupid red dots and my girlfriend ask me everyday: "Why we not seen each others like before..."
What to tell her?
"Sry but enemy is sending noble train in 20:05 on coordinations 735/332 and i must snip it in exactly 22:35..."

So i am fine to die also, but to stubborn to quit.
Well, this is it.


this is my first world so there isnt much i can talk about :icon_redface:


I can only say that I started to coplay here, blame the person who talked me back from Quit ( blame fadar<3) ^.^

Lost serenity

I am a noob. I suck at tw...first world, fail. I am so bad...i am ranked 60 o_O

Diplomat and Baron in the No.1 tribe just increasingly proved my noobyness.