Please describe the tribes on the 132 server.


Reaction score
1)STICK-My tribe so my opinion would be biased, but it isnt a stupid name ;)
2)FLOW-Seems solid, alot of Mind players from w129
3)Back-Rim Premade, dominating their area, but allied to xerxes :(
4)Root-Solid bunch, havent seen too much from them as a team yet tho
5)BMers-Caught between STICK and FLOW, they may have to pick a side
6)Seamen-Mirrors FLOW continent wise, a war between the 2 down the road would be interesting
8)Back3-Reminents of Evil, will be eaten
9)TCG-what seems to be the mirrored rim tribe to Back but isnt doing quite as hot-can they survive between BMers and FLOW at their door?
10)Root2-Refer to #4