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Hello, i'd love to take up an account that needs gifting or filling in.
I have 2yrs experience and i know what im doing.
Wulv400 is my real account. I've gotten up to 1.5M pts on W3. Top 20 ODD. Clearly shows the reason hence im not bigger. I should be at the minimum 3M pts as i've taken 300 villages.

I've also played Charles The Bald. Rank 26th on W11. Rank 9 ODA, Rank 2 ODD. Rank 2 ODOverall. Have taken a real beat down on this world. Used to be rank 1. :S
But i've recovered and im already whipping back up into shape.


I cant write mails to save my life so please jst contact me and test me out for an application. I really want to kick back into different worlds and i've decided to try and help tribes which face problems and i'd love to take an account. :D