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Discussion in 'W27 General discussion:' started by cr8tor03, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. cr8tor03

    cr8tor03 Guest

    what is this all about ??!!!!

    APRIL FOOLS - your Tribal Wars team :)
    Click on continue at the bottom to play..

    when i log in in this w27 its all ways pop up and said where i want to start a new village >.< what is this ?? >.< .. plsx help .. i have much points now .. i dont want to start it all over again >.<
  2. cr8tor03

    cr8tor03 Guest

    its ok now >.< sxory for this topic .. plsx delete it >.<
  3. pdiddy

    pdiddy Active Member

    Sep 27, 2006
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    Naughty tw admins!
  4. marqus09

    marqus09 Guest

    yeah it was good joke but now
    we have get back to the game
    so now remove it plz
  5. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    Hehe, you were fooled big time.
  6. liverpooljk

    liverpooljk Guest

    heh that made me lol =-P
  7. DemonPit

    DemonPit Guest

    i was like O_O when i went on i was like nooooo, but then i relised continue at bottom i was like oooooo.
  8. cr8tor03

    cr8tor03 Guest

    haahhahah .. nice april fool joke .. i really surprise in that ,, ^_^ LOL