[Pole] - Top 10 tribes for OD

Discussion in 'World 30' started by T0P CAT, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. T0P CAT

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    Apr 8, 2008
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    Give your opinions on the following tribes. Based on the amount of fighting they have done, do you think they deserve their rank and reputation?

  2. AK_iceman

    AK_iceman Guest

    #1 THE - My tribe, no comment.

    #2 HAM!!! - Doing good for a rank 9 tribe, but they're in a downward spiral due to the high volume of attacks at the moment. Their ODD will continue to increase heavily.

    #3 BD - For the number of players they have, their OD is phenomenal. ODD is a bit low, but that's probably because coalition after coalition were defeated in the early part of game when they attacked BD. Now everyone is just scared... :icon_razz:

    #4 EreVos - For a tribe that's been at war on multiple fronts since almost the beginning of the game, this rank 8 tribe is doing well as a rank 4 ODT tribe.

    #5 [CRY] - Good bunch of guys and are doing very well in their current position. I'd like to see them fight a major war on their own. :)

    #6 -O- - Their ODA is very good, but the abysmal ODD of this tribe shows that they've never fought a real war. Maybe it's time to step it up and pick on someone your own size?

    #7 T-W-C - Pretty much the same as -O-. ODA is very good, but ODD is very low for a tribe that big.

    #8 Die. - Same as the last two. They recently declared war on Phoenx though, so maybe things will look up for them in the ODD department.

    #9 REBORN - Dead tribe. Their OD is the last thing that remains of this once decent tribe.

    #10 TARDIS - The war with REBORN didn't do much for their OD as far as I can tell, but they did win... Seems a decent enough tribe, but they need a real war in order to prove themselves.
  3. Badlapje

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    #1 THE - solid tribe in all respects. They've been warring pretty much non stop since they went vs idiots. Deserved.

    #2 HAM!!! - atm i can't say i feel they deserve it. I expected a lot and saw next to nothing atm. Even my longrange nukes from 48 hours out aren't being blocked by stacks to the sky. If the excuses are true then i expect them to clean up their act soon. If not then they'll quit being a top 20 tribe all to soon.

    #3 BD - i think we deserve it. We fought our way to K43 and 44 domination beginning with a tiny amount of players vs pretty much the entire both continents. ODD suggests we need some tougher opponents.

    #4 EreVos - I'm a bit mixed on these guys. They seemed to be warmongerers, but recently they've been going tribalhugging. Also: their OD scores are good but their actual gains aren't nearly as shiny. I'll find out soon enough i guess :D

    #5 [CRY] - what AK said.

    #6 -O- very nice ODA, but to my knowledge as of yet untested. Will see what the future holds on these guys.

    #7 T-W-C - likewise as -O-

    #8 Die. - Not impressed, but time will tell if they are able to do more then mass recruit. Their current war with Phoenix is interesting to follow.

    #9 REBORN - Dead tribe.

    #10 TARDIS - i like these guys, but i wanna see them in a real war. Definitely deserve to be where they are now though.
  4. the pink panther

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    Apr 8, 2008
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    topcat account, you seem to have posted with it more times than you farmed with it :p