[POLL] SOTW 17 -Smudging

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Genetic Engineer

Welcome to the 17th SOTW

The theme this week was Smudging

Normal rules apply,

- Still no breaking of anonymity
- No voting for yourself

However there is a new rule, the prize for this SOTW will be the
winner either gets to pick the next theme or they get 75pp. The winner can choose :)

Voting will end on

Sunday 3rd June 23:00 (gmt+0)

( This kind of SOTW overlapping will not happen again, trust me :) )

Have fun and vote for your favorite











Good Luck to all !​


Ooh, some very nice smudge pieces here. I like 9 and 10 (except for the blue thing on the left :S). 3 was good too, but I can't quite work out what it is.

I have to say NO

LOL,I though it was some kind of sword,I didn't even notice the hand before I look more closely...:icon_eek:
Yeah because of the fire thingy its kinda unclear where his arm is :/

I have to say NO

Hmm its quite tough, as Nindel - I'm stuck between 3, 9 and 10. 3 the flame fire thingy may be too bright and makes his arm unclear and is kinda distracting from the render but is still a very good sig. 9 I think is another good sig but is maybe just missing the final touch, also thought something else could maybe fill the left hand side. Also 10 is nice, however maybe the center of the sig is too bright and kinda overpowing, I feel it distracts from the render and makes it unclear, again you can't really see his arm. Despite these things they are still all great sigs :icon_razz: but I still can't decide which so I'll sleep on it :lol:


I wish I had done this. Could have cracked GIMP out and made one of the smudge ones I've done before (although they are unorthodox compared to these ones :) )

Anyway, I really like 9 :D 4 is good too, but the render seems too washed out

Rock Star Incorporated

7 = best lighting and comp. So 7 GMV.
Suprised 10 hasn't got more. But 3 would of gotten my vote otherwise, nice atmosphere.

Norman The Cat

Contributing Poster
yes, true.
but it feels like it's missing maybe a render in the centre of the colour splashes?
and if the edges of the splashes weren't sharpened, would be great.:)

zenron the great

This was a decision between three and seven for me. Three really needs to be smudged over again slightly with a hard circle brush, it's kind of jarring as the render is sharp and crisp while the smudging just isn't. It's a good sig and has potential though. Number seven has some pretty good lighting and the effects and blending are pretty good. The only downfalls I can really comment on are the text which is meh, and the fact that if you're going to sharpen smudging, don't do it a lot. It doesn't work.

I'm too late to actually vote though :(

Genetic Engineer

!!! Congratulations to lawpaok !!!

Please choose either 80pp or the next theme ^_^​


Oh I've almost forgotten about the Sotws,lol...
Thanks to everyone who voted for me...:)
How about Flight?Anything that has to do with flying things...:icon_confused: