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Welcome to the 42nd SOTW - Typography

Normal rules apply:

- Still no breaking of anonymity
- No voting for yourself

Have fun and vote for your favorite!




Good luck! Sorry about the delay in getting this out :s


Just want to CnC while passing by since no one wants too.

1: Understand what your trying to do, but rather than having just vowels number same, having all the letters would have been more better interpretation of your concept. Those arrow like figures are just ..meaningless? Made one obvious mistake with lighting, if source was placed there, shadow direction should have been opposite.

2: Lightings and texture were smooth. Seemed like all the clouds which faced the text are brighter, but then the letters SOTW should have glowed, showing that it IS the light source. Having the letters made of clouds would make it more typographic! But then how can it make clouds shine.

3: Amazing Texture in the background. Just didn't get it, why did you leave the text so clean. Like the way you made font fancy, but even a clipping mask of BG could have made it seem way better.

I have to say NO

None were amazing imo, would have voted for 1 if I could understand what the vowel shiz in the middle was about... number 3 gmv