I should hope not. You're a dreadful mouthpiece.

I have been quoting you directly when I reply, so this isn't "using" your quotes alongside things Destiny has said. You know what is poor and lazy? Not even remembering the rubbish you spout and then pointing fingers to pass the blame.

What's more, whether you were a decent or active co-duke/council member/footstool, you were, once upon a time, an active player in Destiny, and many of the things you are being shamed over are things you were either somehow a part of or you approved of.

This isn't a case of big bad Regime picking on poor sweet little you. This is a case of you having no leg to stand on and pouting over it because life is so unfair.

Don't want to be called out on talking rubbish and are also incapable of stopping the habit of talking nonsense? Go back to the kiddy table and leave the forum to the grown ups. If you have thin skin, a poor memory, and/or a penchant for lying (with no talent of concealing it) then it's unfair to you to engage in these debates.

You're not exactly trying to debate anything though. You're just posting obnoxious post after obnoxious post. Each one putting words in people mouths or trying to make something out of nothing.

I didn't claim that Regime had done anything illegal. I didn't say it was wrong for them to use sits passed to them from Dest or ex Dest players. Yet here you are spouting your same old "dest thinks we're meanies but it was fine when they did it" crap in a direct response to my post and I've not once said or implied those things.

So whatever you're trying to achieve here is pointless. I'm not Dest and they're not replying, try keep your fingers to yourself, ok?

OT: I predict Earl. will eventually read this thread and close it
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