Premade - A quality tribe


Hello everyone.

As we all know, World 106 will be opening on January 30th @ 10am server time.

From recent worlds, many of us have learnt a great deal in terms of leadership quality, communication and activity. That is why I am wanting to create a tribe within W106.

For the active, we spend a large amount of our time on Tribal Wars and whilst we want to enjoy ourselves, we also don't want this time to go to waste due to immaturity, sleepers and saboteurs.

My values:

Activity - Not only personal, but Tribal activity is a must.

Quality over Quantity - A tribe of 40 members isn't necessarily better than a tribe of 20 members. Organisation is key.

Communication - Always keeping in touch with members, sharing anything they wish with FULL confidence as we can learn from eachother.

Leadership - Democracy, not a Dictatorship. You will all feel welcome to share ideas and thoughts without morale damaging responses. Leadership will be genuine and completely transparent, No opportunity for Tyranny. - Hierarchy will eventually consist of a Duke and 2 Barons.

If you agree with the above, join me. World 106 will be the perfect balance between enjoyment and success.

Best regards,

Tiberian Sun
Duke of Command and Conquer



FYI, They disbanded like few days in. I have a slight idea what happened but not 100% sure so no need for gossip.