Still working on a pre-made gonna be interesting if I can pull it off!


Still working on a pre-made gonna be interesting if I can pull it off!

Hope you can put it together, it would be awesome to see that set of players working together. If you could hold them in the world for a while it would make things very interesting.


[10:10:30 PM] Nikug TW says: in the forums it says wer joining w39?
[10:10:34 PM] Nikug TW says: ERRr
[10:10:57 PM] Nikug TW says: Bibby1612 hes in our tribe from w32, noticed u were in w32. and lethal legend from w35. lol
[10:10:58 PM] Nikug TW says: random
[10:14:02 PM] 37 [Sugarwater] says: what?
[10:14:09 PM] 37 [Sugarwater] says: wft u talkign about :D
[10:14:18 PM] Nikug TW says: it was random
[10:14:22 PM] Nikug TW says: we r not joining w39
[10:14:36 PM] 37 [Sugarwater] says: lol y not
[10:14:44 PM] Nikug TW says: we never were
[10:14:52 PM] 37 [Sugarwater] says: :D y?
[10:14:56 PM] Nikug TW says: i dunnoo
[10:15:00 PM] Nikug TW says: dint like the world
[10:15:05 PM] 37 [Sugarwater] says: dats crazy
[10:15:16 PM] 37 [Sugarwater] says: 38 is a bad world considered to W39
[10:15:42 PM] Nikug TW says: who said iwas joining w38?
[10:15:44 PM] Nikug TW says: i mean we
[10:16:05 PM] 37 [Sugarwater] says: u skipping :D
[10:16:12 PM] 37 [Sugarwater] says: going to W40/41
[10:16:16 PM] Nikug TW says: didnt say that either
[10:16:24 PM] 37 [Sugarwater] says: u can tell e now
[10:16:24 PM] Nikug TW says: muahahaa
[10:16:28 PM] Nikug TW says: lol
[10:16:37 PM] Nikug TW says: and y would i trust u lol
[10:16:42 PM] 37 [Sugarwater] says: or i might leave this convo this is boring me
[10:17:00 PM] Nikug TW says: weve been thrashed enough lol. they will call us cowards or suttin i dunno

gosh looks like the farms wont be joining :(


like gone gone?

and to help u all out

nikug has a leadership role in D3TH and said they werent joining


I was hoping they'd join; every world needs a premade to dump on and with the amount of quality ones on this world, I'd hate for it to be one of the ones we know well.

If AWKD will pull his premade off it'll be one of the most interesting one (bar Random perhaps ;-) )

Agreed, I would like to see if it can be done, i would easily take my Hat off to you if you could.