premium exchange rip off?


I may be "jumping the gun" or not seeing the real reason for this, but how does the exchange rate between buying and selling be sooooo far apart when it is clearly shown buy the arrows to be of equal value??



Well think of this like that - when you buy, you don't buy all stack for that price, but rather 344 res for 1 PP, and when you buy one the price go up a bit, so when you do that more then 150 times the price go up a lot and that is your difference, so sell when it is on 200 buy when over 500-600 and only then you will make profit that can be seen.


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I work of the theory that the rate lies
and that the rate is actually what it turns into after the transaction

eg. rate says 100 you buy a lot rate drops to 80
and your final price is worked out by the 80 and not the initial 100

if you sell at 100 and the rate increase to 150
then you have sold it all at the 150 instead of the 100 initially stated