@Prime - give us back our m8


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Hello Prime tribe,

Our spies have told us that you are holding our m8 Helbeng against his will, and we demand that you let him return to the m8s

Free him or prepare to RIP in peace

#freeourm8 #noh8ers #dontprocrastin8

Yours in love and h8,

The Council of The Grand Coalition


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Proof of their lies.

RoyaltyFitsMe Jul 23, 00:12
[PLAYER]Helbeng[/PLAYER] left in his own accord. Not trying to poach your players mate.

crimsoni Jul 23, 00:15
Look here m8 we know you are blackmailing Helbeng, he would never leave on his own accord he was our most loyal m8!!

RoyaltyFitsMe Jul 23, 00:24
Go ask him

RoyaltyFitsMe Jul 23, 00:25
We don’t blackmail anyone

crimsoni Jul 23, 00:25
That’s exactly what I’d expect a blackmailer to say!
Prime was our most trusted allies and they betrayed us. Cheaters never prosper.

Alexa Bliss

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I root for M8, cause they are GR8 with their sick B8 cuz I kinda H8 on Prime for doing such a Crime.

LOL 1.jpg



--> Let's start over? pff, Chris.. the day you stop lying and manipulating people perhaps you wouldn't have lost so many of your tw-friends but while you are at it, put down your noisy chained dog (Ahmeett) while you are at it please, he asked me to do a favour at w108 and now goes around doing this is just pathetic. Not to mention he obeys you who betrayed your own tribe, put him as duke in ~NM~ and joined G.o.D, then Antz, then -CB-. Well, thats what ''good guys'' do nowadays, haha

Crimsoni, eat him like you eat your corncob.. do it with style <3


Still Going Strong
Alexa m8, this is a search and rescue mission post for our m8 Helbeng

Help us or go make your own Prime h8 thread :D