Progress? or stalemate? U decide.


why do you guys over think so much?

Tribe totals on nov.15 (D day)
The Tidal Wave S²ORM 99 260605558 1 45823
The Kings of Darkness Deus 90 216888813 2 35513
Tsunami S²ORM² 74 122101736 6 16389

Tribe totals as of yesterday.
1 The Tidal Wave S²ORM 94 302.753.132 1 52185
2 The Kings of Darkness Deus 74 250.220.248 2 35853
6 Tsunami S²ORM² 65 117.092.366 6 14008

So KK to answer your question, it does not happen how many join or leave or become barbed, if they were in the tribes in the begingin of the war (SDT/Lord Sesame) but they are not now, then their villages were accounted for on nov 15, but considerered losses for the now stats. So, the 4000 village gains are gains of players/villages lost within the timeframe + an extra 4000 villages.


Wow. Talkin' about double standards.

Sorry, I will make sure to look, but not think deeper about stats, or something like that. :icon_eek:
exactly. Looking and thinking.. 2 differnt things.

1 can look deep into a war, but not over think about it or better word, over analyze it.

^^see wut i did thar?^^

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You come up with the silliest things to condone your behaviour while blackening ours.


Meh, Hi folks.

I have decided to un-retire myself and join world 46. But there is no one worth trolling in those forums so i come here to troll

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