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Well INNOV wasn't that much to write home about on 55 so you should be fine ^^

Vincent Valentine.

eh depends on what stage of INNOV your talking about. The original INNOV was a really really good tribe. i was blessed enough to be in there at that time and in the middle(at its peak). in any case everyone holds their own opinion and i respect yours enough to not bash it:).

Sword Art

True, I will give you that, that every tribe goes through good and bad periods in a game. I've been off W55 for way to long to give a really informed opinion on them now but ye, each world can always go differently to how a previous world has gone for the same groups of players.

Ah before I forget, Vincent Valentine = coolest character in FF ^^
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W55 went badly for INNOV around 6 months ago. We got ditched by the like of Vinny ^ (smurks i believe) among others i care not to name and we had around 20-30 accounts go inactive within the space of a few weeks.

We just could not handle the excess pressure these dead accounts put on us, we then decided on a new leadership only to have all of our hard work destroyed by the two players we trusted enough to take over.

Do not underestimate what we can do, we never got the chance to prove ourselves due to the endless dead wood and backstabbing that plagued our tribe for a long time. Turns out W55 was a game of pure tribal hugs. Seems the only way they thought they could win.

People can look at the stats and say "oh, they did rubbish, they were loosing from the start" but unless you were part of the tribe, you will never know the truth. You will never know the countless hours we put in to try and watch around 20 accounts between about 7-10 active players though countless account sits.

The only way to understand would have to have meant you being in the tribe , and as that is not possible, i feel that this should suffice...



lol if you want lykaon i can get panamax back xD...

and thanks sword art. i know ;)

(back on subject) i believe that lykaon's tribe has a chance and ill back that up.

Dan Rather

I doubt it's a legitimate family tribe since they aren't mentioned at all on ELITE's profile.
Or they are, and Elite knows they will get bashed for it. I don't know and I'm not saying they are, just saying it's a possibility. I've seen that on other worlds. I personally didn't take Elite for the academy tribe type, but who knows in TW?


In w33 HAWKS had an academy tribe until the very end, than they just took the best of the academy players and made one tribe


ELITE are doing very well but they won't go all the way, my limited research has shown not many of them carry a great deal of lategame experience and they will be tribelocked very soon. If Karmalot is ruthless enough to dismiss the bottom few players of his tribe it will give them an advantage.

watch out for that account, I heard he's boss :icon_rolleyes:


Posted this on the wrong forum after reading about ELITE and the "academy"

neither have taken a village from the other.

Side 1:
Tribes: ELITE
Side 2:
Tribes: E2

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers:

Side 1: 63
Side 2: 7
Difference: 56

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 0
Side 2: 0
Difference: 0

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 131,798
Side 2: 11,184
Difference: 120,614

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 0
Side 2: 0
Difference: 0



There is still a lot to be determined in this world at this point. There are some very efficient tribes out there who simply don't mass recruit. some tribes choose quality over quantity. Those tribes, if ran properly, can be very dangerous.

I'd rather be in a tribe with 20 great players than 50 average players.


I did, cheers Nauzh.

purple main tribe, green acad:

Most likely is a legitimate academy, so now the only question is why are its members stupid enough to believe they won't be nobled out soon?


This academy surprises me a lot; even more mass-recruiting for ELITE.

They're becoming less and less elite in my opinion...