[Propaganda against] LFKSci


So now you're accuse me of not wiping R2, sciova etc of the map ?

You are right, i should use that advantage to wipe R2 and TRUST at that point. Attacking LFKD instead was a stupid thing to do, so i apologize. From this point of view, i take full responsibility and you have all the rights to call me whatever you like :lol: (only me though, as others in RFG weren't very happy about our alliance with R2-TRU and it's a bit disturbing for me to realize they were right and i was fooled ... good job i guess :icon_confused:).
You mean backstabbing the lfkd, right?
Well, if you look at your tribe's interests, you should have done that.:p, But you probably could not do that because lfkd was pretty "in" to attack at that time, with this "world wide" alliance against them.
You members were never happy i think, but what can ya expect from an inactive backstabbing ex family tribe that runs away from glory, and that failed on both world W5 and W6. :)


i'm trying to dismiss dismis it because you don't understand it.
and by the way.
ONCE again (78932569823th i think)...
i don't give a shit abaut you and your stupid boux!
i'm talking abaut R2-TRU!
once again, just for you Matt.
you see?
it's R2-TRU, not just some box.
R2-TRU lost. it's gone. no more. bye, bye.
that's all i'm trying to explain to you. it's sad that i have to use ssssooooooooo manny different strategies to do this.
it's even more sad that you don't understand single one of them.

now tell me once again that you didn't loose.
it's stupid, but i muss admit it's also funny. :lol:
What a post.:p
What's a boux?
Its true, R2 felt, but R2 din't loose, to bring that box again, the contents of the box is what's important, not the box itself.
In R2 we realised our box was crumbeling a bit under the teeth of time, and we realised it was time to move the contents of the box to another box, a save box, and strong box, where the contents of the former box can be kept safe, like it was in the old box, before it became an old box.
We din't throw the old box away like garbage, we concidered well to move from the old box, to the new box, well actually 2 new boxes, the ~TSE~ box, and the V V V family box, ofcourse also 1 rat had to move to the sciova backstabbing family box, but lets not open that box, keep that box closed, so it doesn't affect the other boxes, but to come back to what i was saying, we moved will concidered from box to box, we din't paniced we were falling without a box, tse invited, v v v invited, and there was a new 1337 box created.
So you see, we felt, but we din't really loose, we just moved box, some to the V V V box, some to the TSE box, some to the backstabbing family inactives box, and some to a brand new, ass kicking box called teh 1337 ... understeand?
this is the best thread ever :)

too many clowns !!!
You are absolutly right, Bye elboa! :lol:
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The fact that you have to mess with bold, size of letters ect shows that your argument is so weak you have to try and confuse people. I'm sure that works where idiots are concerened (ie people like you) but sadly it doesn't work on me.

Your arguments are the same you have used before which I have already countered. I feel no need to quote myself so how about you go back and read and I do hope you understand but if not its no skin off my nose. It's just a pity that W5 is plagued by people with a similar IQ to you.

i don't use any arguments.
i don't have to.
i'm just talking straight and simple.

it's you who's trying to... man, i don't even know what you're trying to do.

are you really trying to convince us that R2-TRU won and SCI (+LFKD) lost?

um... no.
just no.
one simple world.
why using any arguments?

this is ssooooo funny. i can immagine you playing TW and looking at this forum.

the secret is revealed!
it's not "angry german kid..."
it's our Matt reading my comments and trying to get 135points village.
here it is, just fou you:

click -> Matt76827 having a good time

don't worry, be happy... :lol:


KB you are only hurting your own cause. The fact that you have to compare me to the angry German kid when I've hardly used bold or even large words unlike someone I could mention (for those too stupid to understand, its KB).

Perhaps the problem is that you don't use any arguments. My desktop dictionary defines it as "reasoning expressed in words". So thanks for agreeing that I say something and then explain why it is so. Where as you simply state fiction and assume that because you said it, it becomes fact.

The world doesn't work like that KB you'd better wise up to that and actually back up your arguments rather than relying upon spewing up almost incoherent posts with big words and bold as if you are screaming at the screen. Almost like the angry German kid...


Matt, i was using a lot of argument. you just didn't get single one of them. (but that's nothing new. i was expecting this.)

now i don't use any arguments at all and you're still trying to do your thing (whatever this is).

so, i'll make it simple as it can be (for the 2nd time!!!).

R2-TRU is gone. <- that's the simple fact. :icon_idea:

we all know why. :lol:

it's not a bad thing to loose.
not if you lern something out of this.
for doing this, you first have to accept your position.
you'll never do this. you'll keep lying to yourself till the end of the day and even after that you're mighty warrior who killed them all (or make them quit).
what's the point? :icon_eek:


Screw your box matt :icon_razz: It was crushed by the LFKD and SCI boxes and so did several parts of its content, including some of the most important ones. Your box failed to perform its task, and now that your content moved to other boxes those boxes are starting to feel the heat too. Even though most of the parts which are being destroyed in the new boxes came from the old crushed one they are still on the wrong side of the warehouse right now.


it's not a bad thing to loose.(unless ofc yer an elite tribe and get scared of losing so you sell out your ideals to snuggle up with the biggest family on the server)
not if you lern something out of this.



that's a deep one.

so, do you admit that you were defeated or not? :icon_redface:

There's actually a thread for that, or are you really that threatened by bicky that you need to ruin his first good thread? I don't even like that guy and I feel sorry for his thread being soiled by the likes of you.


*"bicky" can't even quote right.

KingBenX said:
...even though i bet 9/10 players from R2-TRU are still here on this game:...

and yes i did say that... what's the problem with it? :p they are aren't they?

this was about SCI vs. V V V...


...even though i bet 9/10 players from R2-TRU are still here on this game:...

But when did he say R2 wasn't defeated? Thats the point you're trying to beat into the ground. You just wanted to say it to thump your chest over something you didn't even help to accomplish by your allies own admission even.


But when did he say R2 wasn't defeated? Thats the point you're trying to beat into the ground. You just wanted to say it to thump your chest over something you didn't even help to accomplish by your allies own admission even.

you're right, he didn't say this in his first post. i'm not sure if he said this later or not, but it doesn't matter.
Matt is the one who has VERY interesting theorys.
i'm just playing hith him a litle bit.


i can't wait to see what did i said wrong or stupid this time. :lol:
guys, you're so funy, i don't know what would you like to achieve. really...

How about your spelling of the word "funny"? :icon_confused:

I'll be honest, this was the only post after mine that I read, because I simply don't care enough about this off topic-ness any more.


ok ok....

the basic point is R2 gone!

you've all gotta remember all ex-R2s suffer from memory disorder and are in denial about losing a conflict, they therefore just took the easy option and pressed the disband button, it was very nice too!