Proudly Hawk


Well friends and enemies what a journey this has been. But just like everything else it has to come to a end. This is my parting letter and a few thoughts about the years that passed.

Firstly i will start with all those i would like to thank.

Army - Mate i think i have to give the biggest thanks to you, you have been an extraordinary leader and a good friend and a friendship i hope will last a long time after this world ends. I have to say sorry for all the crap i have given you during this world and yes i know i have given you many a headaches:D
In all the worlds i have played never have i come across a leader that even comes close your honor, valor and ideology. You put the tribe in front of your own individual goals neglecting yourself to better the tribe. Although sometimes i didnt see the reason in your choices it always explained itself in the end, and what and end this has become. I am proud to say i fought under the Hawks banner and under your command. I have to add that not one person could control me like you did, when i wanted to go rogue on more then one occasion you let me see the error of my ways, and lucky for a few individual player out there that you did so.
Again a thank you and a wish you all the best in whatever you and your family will take on in the future.

Acid - What a co-player between the both of us i think there isn't a thing you can add to better us. My weakness was your strength and my strength was your weakness. But one thing is certain we made a monster of this account. No we didnt end #1 no we didnt take out all our enemies but we exceeded our goals which we set for ourself. All those long nights working on battle plans with the that voice in your head saying why, well now we know why. And thanks to acid who could snipe trains as i was useless at it:D my way just kill the train from the start:D

LH - yeah mate you were seen much less in the end but your speeches at the start made us all fight that little but harder, our own little hitler.

Guderian - All i can say about you mate is you are awesome. You took on much bigger guys and you folded them in half didnt matter how long it took you just kept pushing till the fell.

Stiker - man what a monster even if half your points you noble of me these last few weeks:D Your brute force made a huge difference in breaking the enemy. Yeah you defended with LC but hell it seems to work:D You can definitely be proud of yourself breaking records everywhere you go.

Bardens - respect to you, a real Hawks not scared of anyone or anything. You were a key player in the success of Hawks and your honesty in saying as it is was appreciated on more then one occasion.

Mav - Was a pleasure playing alongside you and against you. I am glad in a way i never really had a big skirmish when we were enemies as you just tire people out with all those attacks, madness i tell you. But on the other hand i would have loved to see how i would have held out against you.

Cryppto - personally i would say you were my favorite small player. every time i ask you to join a battle plan you always came through never giving a excuse why you couldn't join in.

Freak - sorry to have seen you getting quiet here at the end or we could have been done a long time ago. Still thanks for bringing the fight to the enemy.

Parth - were the hell were you when we started the fight with Legion. Then one day WHAM you better start saying bye to your villas. awesome mate awesome.

Stabes - Never say die just say STABES will always be here. Every war every enemy knew your name and knew that you will be coming for them when you felt like it. Even if you are Canadian we still love you:D Good luck with everything you put your hands on.

Domi - Bloody hell one thing i am glad of is you wont have to talk so much anymore:D Good to have had you on our side.

mightybear - Thanks for holding the line in the North i was worried at a stage that we will fight legion in k42 at a stage but under heavy attack you pulled through and kept us alive up there.

mrass - never talked to much but man you were seen. Kept popping up were i least expected it.

Blue - yeah we sometimes didnt see eye to eye but you did a hell of a job keeping things running. much appreciated.

Amatus/Baseball and the rest of TW - thanks for all the support you send my way i wouldnt be able to have pushed into the enemy if it wasnt for your support to keep all those conquered villas.

To all the rest still here you all deserve to be called Hawks it been a honor having you in the tribe.

I personally have to thank every Hawks which helped me in those early stages with Detox turning on us. Man we killed them nukes like it was nothing. Advise to those attackers, next time maybe get all those nukes to land together not in the span of 5 days. Or an even better idea dont take me on as you will loose.

To those no longer with hawks i feel you names need to be screamed out as your early doing opened a path for us to get were we are now. EASTY / PIMPF / SKALD / MATAROF and even old mines, great enemy great team mate. You all have my respect.

Then i have to of course give respect to those enemies that put up a great fight.

IFY - Ups and leave just as i were about to break our personal NAP. Damn how i wanted to take you on would have been a great fight.

Uhtred - One of my most respected enemies.

DITM - my little forum enemy. Good times mate good times, i really hated your guts:D but also have to respect you in the same breath.

Pudog - was sorry to see you go hard ass player.

Katts - Man i never struggled so much to get a villa. 20 nukes and no scratch to the walls, what de hell did you feed those spears?

And last but not least there is those i would stab with a knife if i meant you in real live. My personal list of NUTS.

BIG BOB - All you could do is talk, you had no talent in game or in the forums. Your best excuse i remembered why you didnt take enemy villas " i clear villas but let others noble them" yeah buddy %^&%*&% all the way.

Brett - really thought you would be a tough enemy but yeah how wrong i couldnt have been.

Pherion - boy oh boy you could be so lucky your account is still around. You are the second worst player i ever met. You better send a thank you to ARMY and LH and even acid that i didnt come and wipe the floor with you. You are so ^%&^ there is even barbs left in this world. really thought you might noble them all out.

GA - definitely the biggest looser around still waiting on you to bring those battle plans to take out IFY. How many accounts did you bring to their knees. Well at least we know not any of the enemy but hell you did a great job of messing up every account you got. Here is a bit of advise stop playing tribalwars maybe try your hand at farmville it better suited to your skill not that you will do it well but it's much easier then TW.

Well guys and gals this will be the end for me, retirement has called my name and i am gladly taking it. TO ALL HAWKS GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY HUNTING IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS.

Qooslunchbox (co-player Acid Burn247)


It was a pleasure supporting you.

Congratulations to Hawks.



God, who would of known. I still remember when I was in talks with LH and stabes about the war which had about a month into it. It was detox/legion vs HAWKS.

I said, "how certain are you guys that we will win this war"?. Stabes said:

"100% Victory".

At the time, i was doubtful, but goddamit, i couldnt have been more wrong.

And TW, HAWKS could not have done it without you. I remember when legion and detox claimed to be the best alliance in tribalwars. Obviously, they wernt aware of the true greatest alliance, TW, and HAWKS.


last village was just taken.... 100% dominance for Hawks/TW alliance


Nawww thanks Qoos, I hate you too buddy (L) Respect :p