PTV! declares on Watch! and !4U!

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Still referring to the 20 Paddi vills which they nobled while he was afk.

You guys are truly ridicolous... :D:rolleyes:
I didnt know afk people try to snipe

Cmon, whatever we took, it was afk. You guys are such pros that you cant lose a village. And wait, there are WTs, you can spot nukes from w106. Everyone with a pinch of skill and activity can defend cluster, its not nuclear physics. So, best way is to catch enemy unprepared (letting afk guy to be on the frontline is your problem, or just a bad excuse)


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Depends I think. I didn’t see a response on the forums when I had a bunch of my comments deleted. Got them through a DM
I guess ur right, people might have gotten dm's.

no point in that, those are just numbers about nobling afk/banned players :(
heheh, happens on both sides. and as you said yourself, the best way to gain ground is to take out players like that first.


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