PTV! declares on Watch! and !4U!


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No what y'all did was disrespectful. I'm glad everyone over at PTV! thought that was okay to share. Maybe instead of being keyboard warriors, you remember that everyone playing this game is human and has emotions. Our duke made comments that were in poor taste, but they were shared in private with another person who felt it was fine to post that on a public forum thread.
If Grave (our Duke) was seriously considering on throwing half of the tribe under the bus and asked a neighbouring tribe to rim them I would tell them myself. Don't shoot the messenger mate.

If the US president was chatting to Canada about kicking Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota out of the Union and asked Canada to help give them a hiding you can hardly call Canada the bad guys.

I, myself, would not have said those things...
Good for you mate, it's nice that you keep things classy and simply call people manipulative and vile.

but will also say that the first couple days with the merge were tough. The were language barriers and play style differences, but when it came down to working together we found a way and we're better for it. We're not a premade, so egos were put aside to work together.
We aren't a premade, every tribe has language barriers amongst members. These things are not unique in TW

And why y'all gotta act all tough and share half the story on the forums?
We haven't acted tough, the declaration isn't full of bravado and put downs, it's factual points about how we got here. We haven't shared some on the externals because our Duke didn't feel they were suitable for the externals.

We all knew you were going to declare, everyone did. Watch! knew, Echo knew, ALUT knew, OD knew, DEATH knew.
Sounds like everyone knew before we did! One of us was going to declare on the other if the NAP wasn't extended, it's common sense it was a likely outcome. You guys were actually gearing up for it before we'd truly decided to pull the trigger ourselves. :rolleyes:

Did you forget that y'all tried to turn the whole world on us?
Rubbish. We've done nothing you guys haven't in dealing with other tribes, frankly we've done a lot less.

Couldn't do a proper OP on Watch! and now you want to talk all that good good.
Half of watch was on your side of an agreed border, you were supposed to hit them and didn't (it would not surprise me at this point if it turned out some of your players supplied stacks, although I don't think that would have been a tribe wide thing). The failed OP is a massive contributor for us choosing not to extend the NAP and declare on both tribes. Understand, it was you guys that approached us and wanted to work together hitting watch (after failing to arrange a gangbang with Death). We're in a situation where we have a border that isn't conducive to our shared goals because you guys weren't doing your part, we couldn't continue with the border as it was. Without the NAP and border we were going to war.

Oh, that's right, you want to talk smack...
The only person throwing shade seems to be you.

....because you're besties with Death now and plan on eventually merging with them for end game.
More rubbish.

What I will end this with, is good luck to all the players and tribes involved. I hope that the best players come out on top and we all have fun. This is a game and while winning is the goal, treating all people playing with respect is most important and what's made this game something I will always come back to.
Read your posts mate, you've shown very little respect in this thread, I think we've been pretty even handed (I've certainly not called anyone vile).

Saying that I have a lot of respect for U4 as a tribe, and Watch have defended admirably, good luck to all involved.
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Good Luck to both sides.

At the end of the day, things get said in the heat of the moment. Things get said that aren't necessarily what was meant, and things also get interpreted differently amongst people.