Public Meeting - Rx4U Style!

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Rx4U Reporter

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen... and Colpo! I present to you... Your Roastmaster

Undead Billy Mays:
I would like to welcome you to the very first live broadcast in TW History. You might be wondering why we have gathered you all here tonight. At the end of a career or careers here on World 39 we feel its proper that the night be celebrated as a comedic roast. Tonight in the crowd we have some familiar faces to the World 39 scene.

I see off to our left we have the first lady QueenDragon and her wife KingDragon. Nice of you two to join us. When can we expect a Dragon jr? If he comes out looking a little Undead then I swear we were drunk and I thought it was Hybrid in my bed.

Oh there taking up the entire back row there's Jager and Lodda. You guys must stay at the back because its close to the TDE all you can eat buffet eh?.

Areyean is that you on the front row? Your looking a bit skinny... I thought I told you to go get tested... shame... Well we will get to a few more of our guests throughout the evening. I think I can see Rizzla09 but its hard to tell through all the smoke. But I suppose your used to blowing smoke - you were in Nob!! after all!

Undead Billy Mays: Tonight we are celebrating the end. All players must have a beginning and an end. Queen Dragon says that's about 9 seconds for King but whatever keeps her happy. So World 39 this roast is for you!!!

Without further ado our first roaster tonight is a monster who has a bit of fascination with mimes. We had to give him villages just to get up and speak tonight since most of his communication is done with nobles. I remember one of the first times I talked to him I thought he was a dyslexic Harry Potter fan. Please give it up for our first roaster tonight the one and only SOCOH!!!

SOCOH: Thank you Undead. Glad to see you got that house arrest anklet off. By the way I'd exit out the back tonight.... *winks*

Undead invited me here to talk about ~Raid~ tonight and I thought to myself "Who is that!?" so I googled
~Raid~ and it said: "Who is that!?".

~Raid~, what can I say about ~Raid~...Oh do you all remember that time that ~Raid~ started that war that they finished all by themselves?...Yeah I don't either.....

When I think of
~Raid~ I think of Godzilla bringing terror and destruction to anything in its path but instead of Godzilla its the gecko from those insurance ads and instead of terror and destruction they have a little mandolin playing bohemian rhapsody and handing out tulips.

Come to think of it,
~Raid~ should have changed their name to "Franks bug spray" and instead of "killing nubs dead" their motto should be "it kinda makes the nubs itch a bit and leaves a nasty rash'.

Ah but Joker! What a guy! You know I don't think I see him here tonight, not surprising as he is so once ugly he stuck his head out a window and got charged with indecent exposure.

In all seriousness you guys have been great neighbours and we've had fun letting LordMejer keep the borders safe. That's all from me! Have a good night W39!

Announcer: That's the end Part one - please join us back here after a brief 15 Minute Break for part 2!
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oh cmon, im freakin' tired and got work in five hours or so.. hurry up.^^
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Rx4U Reporter

Undead Billy Mays: We are back! And speaking of back Id like to welcome back GooglyEyes and his twin brother ... GooglyEyes.....

GooglyEyes has ruined more tribes than World of warcraft has sexual opportunities. Ah will the self proclaimed King of Spam please stand up... hmmm... **looks around** .....he must have been banned from the place... again!

Our next speaker is one of the longest running members of Rx4U. A complete control freak.
Areyean don't get exited, bondage and control aren't always the same thing.

The best thing about Focalor is .... Well Foc was really inspiring during... hmmm.. well he's one of the coolest MuthaFocalors I know!

Focalor: Ahh thanks UBM.....You are the most influential player to do absolutely nothing....ever. Do you even remember your password for World 39? I'd be surprised if you could name more than 10 members in the tribe....You mess!

So Devils, TDE, TDE2 also known as the Jager/Loda slaughter house. What can you say about a tribe who is admired, revered, and loved by everyone? I can start by saying it's not the tribe I'm talking about now.

Problem with TDE Family is their PnP, I mean King Dragon before you open your mouth to speak, make sure it's an improvement upon the silence! The reason TDE are a family is to try and stick around for as long as possible without actually accomplishing anything, you see they are afraid nobody will remember them when they're gone. Gee, I can think of several reasons they’ll be remembered. They wouldn’t like any of them, but I can think of them.

There’s no middle ground with these guys — you either hate them or detest them...I heard they were all real big Lion King fans - or at least of the soundtrack - when they mass delete the barb village circle of life will be complete.

I don't want to say they are immature because they wouldn't understand what I'm saying....They talk like a 10-year-old and by 10 year old I mean 7 year old.

There is a few obvious exceptions.....JeremyLeite for one who is here tonight, that guy can out-talk an echo. Then there's Jagerblue too.....He talks a bit with well structured paragraphs when he does, on Jager **points at Jager** - you should wipe your mouth there mate. There's still a tiny bit of bullsh*t around your lips.....Ok, that's harsh but shhhh...dya hear that? That's the sound of nobody caring what you say or feel.

Good to see TDE turn out tonight though! Must have been a family discount? Ah I know I have been harsh to you guys tonight and you're going to try and heckle me later but Queen D if you have something to say in return, please raise your hand and place it over KD's mouth!!....Because we know yours is already full!

Ah but in the end everyone has said family tribes don't work but you proved them .. right - but you did show them cannibalism will keep you around!

Ah but King Dragon, I'd feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here so stick around!

Announcer: That's the end Part Two - please join us back here after a brief 15 Minute Break for Part 3, the final instalment!
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Rx4U Reporter

Undead Billy Mays: Thanks Muthafocalor and welcome back w39!

Right Our next speaker could have been telling his jokes on w33 tonight,
but he chose to tell them here on w39 because of his high regard for the people of....w33.

When I first met our next guest I knew instantly that I had met someone special. I knew I was right when I saw him get thrown off the short bus for beating Colpo up with his Glee backpack.

This guy is more full of himself than
Areyean is full of Venereal Disease. The only thing about him is his blood - half red and white blood cells - the other half is pure Guinness. Lets just hope he hasn't donated blood... Waking up from a blood transfusion and not being able to pass a sobriety test and all. Well one test he has passed is his STD test so I guess Areyean didn't have a run at him...

Before I introduce our guest of honor, I’d like to introduce several people who admire and revere him. And since there’s no one here like that, I’ll just go ahead...Put your hands together for Hybrid Soul!

Hybrid Soul: How about a hand for your roast master, UBM! UBM! Or as your more well known, Colpo light!

UBM you've been great on w39....well I guess that about it eh?...No other achievements? Just here...Running your mouth?

But I see you made Blog Staff, congrats! You know w39, UBM is typical of Blog Staff these days....He's on the forums too much and cant afford his own pp.....You know between blogs UBM has to sell blood, sperm and furniture to afford PP....luckily for him his furniture is covered in blood and sperm!

Anyway as I'm the last one up, not because I like him, but UBM has asked me to invite you all to back to the intervention after the show...

Oh I'm glad to see
Areyean of NOB got a mention tonight....Great guy he is....Hes got some greats characteristics....Talking shit, talking about NOBs....**silence**....Um that's all I got!

Actually I hear he's got a massive NOB, I've never seen it before but Ahemn tells me it feels like 10 inches! But in honesty, with all the crap
Areyean talks, tomorrow when he wakes up, there will still be TDE, RAID, TA, TAK, THEM, GLEE and Iron....and everyone else who hates his tribe!

Ah but people are saying to
Areyean, that NOB are only rank 1 because he kicked all those members with opinions, merged all those players who could cause him trouble and bored all those other tribes around NOB into quitting, but don't listen to those people ARE, they are just bitter, jealous and right.....

But I do, I do care about w39....I care about its older players, such as NOBS
Areyean and ~RAID~s Joker....Seriously, w39's older players face a larger risk of death than any others...FACT

Well anyway I'm here to roast TA, well congratulations TA, your the only one mentioned tonight who aren't actually a tribe...more a mess on the map!

...Ok so, I get the chance to roast the worst tribe w39 have ever seen....I'm just disappointed
~RAID~ aren't alive to see the title change hands.....**looks backstage** Whats that? Oh wait they are?

You know, the public of w39 love *TA, because you know, they don't do sh*t to get much grief....I mean, they are neutral in everything and have owned their K's well....But myself, I love TA for their PnP....I mean that 10 minute declaration on TR was epic.....I mean 10mins! Wow, it only took 10mins before you ended up hugging, removing the declaration and merging! I've blown my load slower than that and my wank bank is just UBMs mom!

But in reality my portion here isn't a is a poking of the special kid.....This isn't a whose who....this is a who cares!!

Ah in fairness, TA Family have made some great choices.....First they hugged JoKeZ, then the hugged TDE....Basically they've hugged their way to the bottom.

Like TA Family are actually a great tribe, I mean right after Glee, Aggro, Iron and SIO, Divine, you find TA. I mean TA are so bad, when family tribes get a bashing, people don't even mention them, it would be like abusing the special Olympics!

So we've said we we're holding this public meeting tonight as it marks the end of a career on w39. But its not the end of Rx4U, oh no....Its the end of *TA Family!

Some advice guys so you know....they create new worlds these days......So every nub who joins the rim out by ye guys doesn't need a home!.....Its like an animal shelter over there....All I see is these said figures and I know if I don't take them, there as good as gone...So I will - Rx4U officially declare war on *TA Family!

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After the first post, I thought this thread was going to be Rx4U = epic fail...

I was proved wrong :icon_razz:


Well thats a whole new way of declaring ~ impressed the girlie.

good luck to all concerned.


quess when i got time to play tw again, whenever it might be, ill be naighbouring you guys, if u wont get bored in a blatant war like with V and mass delete ofc.

Undead Billy Mays

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:eek: good luck to both sides... "Rooting for rx4u though"
Rooting for...been to a pig farm lately? check out the slaughter house next time,

This is NOT a war, more along the lines of world cleansing?

at this stage in the world if it's not top's a snack
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Glad to see something happening on this world, been so boring lately.
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