Purpose of Late Game Noobs

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Hello everybody,

I have thought for awhile and came to the conclusion that those small noobs deemed as 'useless' by many if not all players that are still around in this stage of the game such as 11add11 could find a use.

Has anybody wished their 300-900 point barbs in between their clusters were built up? Well... I know people commonly allow noobs to grow in their areas to noble these and grow them for certain people, but how 'bout relocating them to your area for this purpose?

I know I wouldn't mind moving 3-4 noobs into my different clusters to grow barbs for me. Does anybody else think it's worth the 10-20 minutes a day dealing with conversing with them and giving them small pointers, sitting them to help them grow the villages, etc. all leading up to you closing in your clusters with larger villages?

Discuss. I know it is relatively heartless but isn't the concept of this game the same way? I'm sure W2V will at least agree with me on this one, they got plenty of noobs in their lands nobling their barbs and growing 'em for them. :icon_wink:


Barbs are useful to dodge/snipe with. I generally agree though, don't fancy building up the crap myself. :icon_razz:


I did this in w24, had a load of small player i let grow and in due time they went inactive and i would noble the new 9k villages, it does not really help if im honest, theres always something to noble anyway and by doing this just makes the game a little more boring. Where it did help tho is i would get 5-6 of these little players in that world and they would provide half there defense for my fronts as part of the deal for letting them play sim city.

I dont bother now as im not into the game as i once was, but end of the day it does not make that much of of a difference in fact it can work against you as your enemy will also enjoy targetting these semi inactive peeps to noble for noble bases.