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Hi @Catflap76

Thank you for sharing your concern with us. As was already explained to you in your support ticket, the request to enable a peacetime for Her Majesty's funeral is an unreasonable request. We are an international market, with players from countries ranging from Europe to Africa, South-America to Asia. Many of these players do not have the same feeling as you do about Her Majesty's passing. A majority of players on our market are not from the UK, or by extent even from the Commonwealth. Believe it or not, the UK (+ the Commonwealth) do not make up for "the entire world".

While I sympathize with your loss, as clearly you care a lot, it is simply unreasonable to expect the entire world to mourn your own loss. It would furthermore be unreasonable towards all the other players, from all over the world, that also see Presidents, Monarchs, Ministers, and other people that carry value to them, die without peacetime being implemented.
By that logic, we would need to implement a peacetime every week, which simply makes our game unplayable. The reality is that a majority of people on Tribal Wars International simply want to come to this game to break away from RL and just "have some fun". If you want to mourn Her Majesty's passing, please feel free to do so in your own time and space, without forcing others to follow you.

Our local Tribal Wars United Kingdom market will be holding peacetime. We will not. I personally also cared deeply about the Queen's passing as she has been a true icon and idol in my lifetime, but I need to be realistic that a majority of people in the world do not feel the same way. It would be unjust to impose my wishes on these people. If you feel like your country's mourning period should be implemented in the game, I encourage you to play Tribal Wars UK instead, where they'll happily comply with your request.

Please refrain from pushing this issue further. It is not going to happen.

Kind regards,
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